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Hi. I'm Tal Gur. More than a decade ago, I decided to pursue every big dream I have and live life on my own terms. I quit the 9 to 5 grind, left my country, and never looked back.
I'll use this space to share my best strategies, inspiring journeys, uplifting stories, bucket list ideas, empowering thoughts, and other resources to motivate you to fully live... Learn more.

Recent Interview
Barbara Weibel - Barbara Weibel went through most of her working life with only one concern: making money to support a reliable lifestyle into retirement. The security of an income was enough for her to drag herself [...]
--> One woman’s Midlife Crisis and her Search for a Meaningful Life
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Recent Story
Nelson Mandela - For Nelson Mandela, nothing worth fighting for can be achieved without struggle. Mandela is celebrated internationally as the first black president of South Africa who liberated his country from the [...]
--> The Unlikely Leader: Nelson Mandela’s Zero-to-Hero Story
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Recent Thought
We stay busy in our life so we don’t have to deal with stretching outside of our comfort zone. Use your time pursuing what you truly want..  By Tal Gur
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