100 Life Goals List


One eve, just after I turned 30, I started a long life goals list which later became the basis of this site. My intention is to accomplish each and every goal on this list in a matter of 10 years.

I highly recommend making and publishing your own life goals list. Besides the clarity and direction you will experience in the goal setting process, you are more likely to accomplish your goals if you make them public.

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Fitness Goals

11. Participate in an Olympic Distance triathlon
Achieved (2007, Melbourne, Australia)
12. Finish a half Ironman triathlon event
Achieved (2007, Geelong Half Ironman | 2008, Shepparton)
13. Finish a full Ironman triathlon event
Achieved (2008, Ironman New Zealand)
14. Top 5% result in a half marathon race
Achieved (2010, Montreal - Top 3% | 2011, Newport - Top 3%)
15. Participate in a kickboxing training camp
Achieved (2011, Thailand, 4 weeks)
16. Single digit body fat %
Achieved (2011, ~9% body fat)
17. Attain visible six-pack
Achieved (2011)
18. 100 days of consecutive running
Achieved (2012)
19. 4 Weeks to a Marathon
Achieved (Melbourne Marathon, 2012)
20. 40 days of Yoga
Achieved (2015, Bali)

Financial Goals

1. Generate $1000 from online
Achieved (2008)
2. Generate monthly recurring passive income
Achieved (2008)
3. Zero personal debt
Achieved (2009)
4. Become location independent
Achieved (2009)
5. Become financially independent
Achieved (2009, financially free - * enough passive income to cover my lifestyle expenses)
6. $10,000+ in Savings
Achieved (2010)
7. Long-Term Gold investment (10K)
Achieved (2011)
8. Stock Market investment (10K)
Achieved (2012, ASX)
9. Build a 6-figure business (100K)
Achieved (2013, $100,000+ a year in profit)
10. Diversified income sources (At least 5)
Achieved (2013, eBooks, coaching, ads, software, courses, consultancy, online services)

The Great Bucket List

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Knowledge / Writing Goals

21. Graduate Internationally
Achieved (Masters degree, Monash Uni, Australia, 2006)
22. Speak fluent English
Achieved (2007)
23. Public speaking internationally
Achieved (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 - Singapore, Las Vegas, Prague, Vancouver)
24. Publish monthly blog posts for a year
Achieved (2008)
25. Speak Conversational Spanish
Achieved (Argentina, 2009)
26. Publish a short eBook guide
Achieved (2011, Design Your Dream Year, 2012, Cure Facebook Addiction)
27. Write and launch an email series
Achieved (2012, Fully Lived email series)
28. Interview 100 inspirational people
Achieved (2013, 100+ interviews)
29. Create an Online Course
Achieved (2013, Freedom Academy)
30. Write a full-length book (300+ Pages)
Achieved (2016, One Year to Freedom, 500 Pages)

Contribution / Spiritual Goals

31. Volunteer at a hospital
Achieved (Hospital's ER department, 2008)
32. Learn and perform Reiki
Achieved (2009, Reiki Master in India)
33. Participate in a Vipassana meditation
Achieved (2009, Vipassana in India, 2016, 10 days in Israel)
34. Help a business in a developing country
Achieved (2010 - Helping Building a Spanish School in Bolivia)
35. Help a family in need in a developing country
Achieved (Building a House in Peru - 2010)
36. Pro-Bono life and business coaching
Achieved (2010)
37. 20+ donations in a year
Achieved (2011, 25 Kiva Donations)
38. Help building a school in a developing country
Achieved (Building a School in Dominican Republic - 2012)
39. 60 days of meditation
Achieved (2015, 60+ days in a row)
40. 30-days of helping others
Achieved (2015, Giving Challenge)

Business / Career Goals

41. Become an IT manger
Achieved (GCS 2006)
42. Become a Business Development Manager
Achieved (GCS, 2008)
43. Become a General Manager
Achieved (GWS Sofware, 2009)
44. Become a Corporate Director
Achieved (GWS, 2009)
45. Become an Internet Marketing consultant
Achieved (2009)
46. Become a Business Owner
Achieved (2009)
47. Become a Web Developer
Achieved (2010, Dream To Business)
48. Become a Business coach
Achieved (2011, Coaching)
49. Become a software entrepreneur
Achieved (2013, Goals Software)
40. Become a Startup Advisor
Achieved (2015)

Social / Family Goals

51. 52 wks of socializing
Achieved (2007, Australia)
52. Long-term loving relationship
Achieved (2007-2008, 2011-2014)
53. Share a house with great friends
Achieved (2007-2008, Melbourne, Australia)
54. 60 nights out in 60 days
Achieved (2009, 60 nights out in a row, Melbourne, Australia)
55. Yearly family visits
Achieved (Israel, 2009 - 2016)
56. World travel with friends
Achieved (2010 - Michael, Dan)
57. World travel with my parents
Achieved (2010 - Denmark, Norway)
58. World travel with a partner
Achieved (2011-2012, RTW trip with a partner)
59. World travel with my sisters
Achieved (2015 - Greece)
60. 30-days of expressing gratitude to friends and family
Achieved (2016)

Travel Goals

61. Travel Southeast Asia
Achieved (2009, 2011, 2015 - Thailand, Singapore, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia)
62. Travel in the South Pacific
Achieved (2008 - New Zealand)
63. Travel across North America
Achieved (2008, 2010, 2011, 2013 - U.S., Canada)
64. Travel across Europe
Achieved (2009, 2010, 2011 Italy, Switzerland, England, France, Spain, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia Germany, Spain)
65. Travel throughout Australia
Achieved (2012 - Circling Australia)
66. Travel in Central Americaa
Achieved (2010, Costa Rica)
67. Travel in South America
Achieved (2009 - Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia)
68. Travel in North Africa
Achieved (2011 - Egypt)
69. Travel to the Caribbean
Achieved (2012 - Dominican Republic)
70. Travel East Europe
Achieved (2015 - Estonia, Russia, Bulgaria)

Adventure Goals

71. Motorcycle trip
Achieved (2011 - Switzerland's Alps)
72. Kayaking trip
Achieved (New Zealand, 2008)
73. Mountain Trekking
Achieved (Nepal, 2009)
74. Sail a small boat
Achieved (USA 2010)
75. 4WD trip
Achieved (2011, Traveling around Australia)
76. Surf around the world
Achieved (2010 - 2011 - Australia, Peru, Sri Lanka)
77. Sailing trip
Achieved (2011 - Australia, Great Barrier Reef)
78. Diving trip
Achieved (2011 - Egypt, Australia)
79. Learn to rock climb
Achieved (2012 - Thailand)
80. Cross Country Ski trip
Achieved (2014 - Vermont, U.S)

Health and Other Goals

81. Become an Australian resident
Achieved (2006)
82. Become an Australian citizen
Achieved (2008 - Australian citizenship)
83. Live in the U.S.
Achieved (2013 - Newport, RI & Boulder, CO)
84. Drink water first thing in the morning for a year
Achieved (2008)
85. Early riser for a year
Achieved (2008, Waking up at sunrise)
86. Give up on coffee for a year
Achieved (2010)
87. No Alcoholic Spirits for a year
Achieved (2010)
88. Vegetarian for a year
Achieved (2010)
89. 7-day detox fasting
Achieved (2015 - Detox in Koh Phangan)
90. 20 days of Juicing
Achieved (2016 - Juicing Challenge)

Creative Goals

91. Paint a canvas picture
Achieved (2008 - Melbourne)
92. Create a Youtube clip
Achieved (2012-RTW trip videos)
93. Appear on a Podcast
Achieved (2013 - Launch Yourself Podcast)
94. Write 365 days of motivational thoughts
Achieved (2013, DailyMotivationalThought.com)
95. Dance Salsa for 30 days
Achieved (2015 - 30 days of Salsa in Medellin)
96. 100 days of photography
Achieved (2015 - Instagram)
97. 21 days of wholefood recipes
Achieved (2016)
98. Learn & Play a tribal drum
Achieved (2016 - Played at the Israeli Burning Man)
99. Appear on stage
Achieved (2016 - Learned and Performed Improv)
100. Compose an electronic song
Achieved (2016 - "Relentless Pursuit")


Enjoy setting your own goals and don't forget to download my FREE ebook, "Design Your Dream Year", to help you set and achieve them.
And, as mentioned above, if you're ready to take it to the next level, consider using my coaching program. I'll be with you every
step of the way to make sure you achieve your life goals.

Live Out The Dream!
Tal Gur


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