Total Immersion

She walked passed me as if I was a Mirage – tall, long wavy brown hair, heels and slinky black dress, confident swagger. Damn! I’d never watched such a figure move across a room… The girls back home dress casually, nothing like the scene I was discovering in Australia. I knew that none of my […]

2016… 2017

Completing my 10-year bucket list, shifting focus, and setting a $1,000,000 goal   It’s this time of year again… time to reflect on the past year, turn a new page, and make new resolutions for 2017. If you’ve been following my journey for a while you will know that every year, around the Christmas and […]

Vipassana Experience

All I knew about Vipassana was this: A 10-day meditation course at an isolated retreat. You are expected to avoid any contact – verbal or otherwise, and remain within a small area of the course site. You are not allowed to speak, read, listen to music, or write, and have to spend at least 10 […]

This book just might change your life

Hey, guess what? I wrote a book. It's a one-year roadmap for living life on your own terms and it just might change your life.

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