Helping Others' Dreams Come True – Interview with Bex Grennan

Getting clear about what you want in life, and more importantly, finding the willpower and motivation to pursue it, can be extremely challenging. That’s where people like Bex Grennan come in. Grennan, a life coach and stage performer, has a real knack for helping other’s dreams come true. Bex and I share similar interests and […]

World Travel in between Semesters – Interview with Emma Gray

Emma gray lives her dreams of travelling around the world. However, she’s not the typical backpacker that you would normally read in travel blogs. She’s a regular person with a regular life that includes a job, a home and full time university studies. That doesn’t stop her from pursuing her passion for travel and in […]

Chasing The Dream – Lessons From Steve Fossett Story

Steve Fossett is one of my greatest heroes. Holding more than 100 world records in aviation, sailing and ballooning, Steve Fossett is probably one of the greatest adventurers in his time. After reading his engaging autobiography, “Chasing The Wind”, I was so inspired that I decided to share some lessons from his remarkable story. But […]

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