One Year to FREEDOM: A life-changing roadmap to living life on your OWN terms, details what I believe, is the best way to achieve financial independence.

The One Year to Freedom book will take you step-by-step through the process setting such an ambitious goal in such a short time span, the necessary mindset shifts you’d need, the habits you’d have to adopt, and the relationships you’d want to create.

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Design Your Dream Year eBook has been written for the purpose of encouraging others to live out their dreams. After years of experimentation with different types of goal setting processes, I’ve come up with a simple 4 step system which enabled me to achieve all my major dreams in the last decade or so.

Some of benefits you can expect from using my 4 step process include:

– Identify and pursue your biggest, most audacious dream.
– Break a long-term goal up into manageable pieces with benchmarks.
– Focus your energies where you can achieve the most.
– Create a plan that’s simple, yet ensures results.
– Adopt supportive habits that actually stick.
– Measure your progress along the way, week-by-week.
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The Great Bucket List eBook features 6,000 ideas to do before you die. It was designed to fill you with a sense of possibility and get you motivated to make your own bucket list.

You can use it to:

– Reflect on your life
– Give yourself a boost of motivation
– Get ideas for New Year’s Resolutions
– Find a new sense of direction
– Set personal and professional goals
– Dream of the possibilities that life has to offer
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After reading this book you will be able to divert your Facebook cravings to a more productive and meaningful use. More importantly, you will know the exact steps you need to take to develop and maintain a healthier relationship with Facebook

The Cure Facebook Addiction eBook will also help you:

– assess the seriousness of your Facebook addiction
– understand exactly why you’re (choosing to be) addicted to Facebook
– know what a healthy relationship with Facebook looks like
– identify your problematic facebook usage patterns
– learn how to monitor your addiction so you don’t fall back to your old behavior!
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Online Biz Step-by-Step Guides

The Pick Your Niche eBook follows a simple four step plan to find your most ideal niche market for your first business.

Step One: Dig out your passion.
Step Two: Unfold your expertise.
Step Three: Find a hungry crowd.
Step Four: Pick your niche.

Each step will provide practical methods and guide you through a series of questions that will help you further refine your niche.
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The Begin with a Blog eBook follows a simple four step plan to build your presence online:

Step One: Getting Started
Step Two: Branding & Design
Step Three: Setting Up
Step Four: Content & Writing

The purpose of this eBook is not to teach you how to make a living from blogging (although it’s certainly possible if you put you mind to it). The purpose is to help you establish your presence online and show you why a blog platform and blogging can be powerful tools in your overall online-business journey.
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The 1000 subscribers eBook includes some of the most effective and often misunderstood strategies to build and grow an email list.

This 4-step guide covers topics such as:

– Which email service you should use
– How to setup your email list the smart way
– What you should send to your list
– How to grow your subscribers quickly

An email list can help you establish a long-term relationship with your visitors, keep in contact with your fans, increase brand awareness, promote your business, drive traffic, and most importantly, it can raise your bottom line.
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