Business and Career Bucket List Ideas

This page features 204 business and career bucket list ideas to do before you die. I created it in hopes that you will gain some inspiration for your own journey.

Once you're done reading through this list, I highly recommend creating an action plan while motivation is high.

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* Just one small note before we get started:

* If you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be dangerous so seek out guidance if you decide to try them!

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!


Career Bucket List Ideas

1. Apply to Be a Flight Attendant
2. Ask For a Pay Raise
3. Be Elected to Political Office
4. Be my Own Boss
5. Be Recognized As an Authority my Field
6. Be the Sheriff of a Small Town
7. Be Time Magazine's Person of the Year
8. Become a Ballet Dancer
9. Become a Bartender
10. Become a Billionaire
11. Become a Certified Personal Trainer
12. Become a Certified Sky Diver
13. Become a Cheese Connoisseur
14. Become a Corporal in the Marine Corps
15. Become a Councilor at a Summer Camp in America
16. Become a Dancer
17. Become a Dentist
18. Become a Divemaster
19. Become a Doctor
20. Become a Dual Citizen
21. Become a Famous Business Women
22. Become a Famous Chef
23. Become a Farmer
24. Become a Film Maker
25. Become a Freelance Writer
26. Become a Full-Time Firefighter
27. Become a Geologist
28. Become a Good Horse Trainer
29. Become a Good Kick Boxer
30. Become a Journalist
31. Become a Judge
32. Become a Kindergarten Teacher
33. Become a Landlord
34. Become a Lawyer
35. Become a Legend
36. Become a Licensed Pilot
37. Become a Life Coach
38. Become a Lifeguard
39. Become a Martial Arts Instructor
40. Become a Master Marksman
41. Become a Memory Artist
42. Become a Military Police Officer
43. Become a Millionaire
44. Become a Model
45. Become a Nomad
46. Become a Nurse
47. Become a Nurse in the Army
48. Become a Paramedic
49. Become a Personal Trainer
50. Become a Pharmacist

The Great Bucket List

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51. Become a Philanthropist
52. Become a Photographer
53. Become a Politician
54. Become a Priest
55. Become a Professional Athlete
56. Become a Professional Cook
57. Become a Professional Dancer
58. Become a Professor
59. Become a Programmer
60. Become a Psychologist
61. Become a Psychotherapist
62. Become a Published Author
63. Become a Qualified Scuba Diver
64. Become a Recognized Economist
65. Become a Registered Organ Donor
66. Become a Registered Scientist
67. Become a Reiki Master
68. Become a Runway Model
69. Become a Sage
70. Become a Sailboat Captain
71. Become a Scientist
72. Become a Scratch Golfer
73. Become a Senator
74. Become a Sommelier
75. Become a Special Education Teacher
76. Become a Stamp Collector
77. Become a Stand-Up Comedian
78. Become a Supermodel
79. Become a Teacher
80. Become a Translator
81. Become a Travel Writer
82. Become a United Nations Interpreter
83. Become a Very Successful Lawyer
84. Become a Voice Actor
85. Become a Wild Life Photographer
86. Become a Wine Connoisseur
87. Become a World Renowned Artist
88. Become a Yoga Instructor
89. Become a Yoga Master
90. Become a Youth Sports Coach
91. Become a Zen Master
92. Become an Achieved Baker
93. Become an Architect
94. Become an Art Collector
95. Become an Attorney
96. Become an Author a Successful Blog
97. Become an Entrepreneur
98. Become an Expert Scuba-Diver
99. Become an Interior Designer
100. Become an Investigator
101. Become an NLP Master Practitioner
102. Become an Officer in the United States Army
103. Become Mayor of my City
104. Create a Profitable Business
105. Direct a Movie
106. Direct a Play
107. Direct my First Feature Film Before I'M 25
108. Do a Successful Comedy Routine
109. Do Engineering Design Work on Ducati Motorcycles
110. Do Some Time in the Peace Corps
111. Do Something I Love For a Living
112. Dramatically Quit a Job I Hate
113. Earn $1000 in One Week
114. Earn 100K a Year
115. Earn a Million Dollars By Myself
116. Earn Over 100K a Year
117. Earn Over 50K a Year
118. Earn Pocket Money
119. Enjoy my Career
120. Figure Out a Career
121. Find a Dream Job
122. Find a Job Before I Turn 18
123. Find a Job That Doesn't Feel Like Work
124. Get 1St Rank of my Primary Keyword
125. Get a Job As a Teaching Assistant
126. Get a Job As a Tour Guide
127. Get a Job That I Love
128. Get a Photo Published in Magazine
129. Get a Photograph Published in National Geographic
130. Get a Teaching Job in a Foreign Country
131. Get an Internationally-Known Award
132. Get Elected Into Parliament
133. Get Employed at Pixar
134. Get my Own Wikipedia Page
135. Get Nominated For an Award
136. Have a Job That Travels
137. Have a Profitable Online Business
138. Have a Seat in Government
139. Have a Weekend Job
140. Have my Dream Job
141. Have my Name on Wikipedia
142. Have my Own Boutique
143. Have my Own Clothing Line
144. Have my Own Company
145. Have my Paintings Exhibited in a Gallery
146. Incorporate a Business
147. Join a Union
148. Join the Air Force
149. Join the Civil Air Patrol
150. Join the Peace Corps
151. Land a Job in Voice Over
152. Land First Dancing Gig
153. Launch my Own T-Shirt Clothing Line
154. Make a $5,000 Profit in One Day
155. Make a Million Dollars
156. Make at Least $1000 a Month from the Internet
157. Manage a Nightclub
158. Model in a Professional Photo Shoot
159. Obtain a Patent
160. Open a Bakery
161. Open a Coffee Shop
162. Open a Cupcakery
163. Open a Gourmet Café
164. Open a Haunted Attraction
165. Open a Microcinema
166. Open a Restaurant
167. Open a Store on Etsy
168. Open a Swiss Bank Account
169. Open an Antique Shop
170. Open my Own Accounting Office
171. Organize a Conference
172. Register As a Psychologist
173. Start a New Profession
174. Start a Successful Restaurant
175. Turn a Passion Into a Way to Make Money
176. Work As a Computer Animator
177. Work As a Counselor
178. Work As a Disney Princess
179. Work As a Researcher
180. Work As a Ski Instructor
181. Work As a Social Worker
182. Work As a Teacher
183. Work As a Tour Manager
184. Work As a Walt Disney Imagineer
185. Work As an Art Director
186. Work at a Daycare
187. Work at a Football Club
188. Work at a Publishing Company
189. Work at the Playboy Mansion
190. Work For a Culinary Magazine
191. Work For a Feminist Organization
192. Work For a Magazine
193. Work For a Nonprofit
194. Work For a Political Party
195. Work For Disney
196. Work in a Bakery
197. Work in a Bar
198. Work in a Coffee Shop
199. Work in a Zoo
200. Work in Another Country
201. Work in Healthcare
202. Work on a Crew For a Hot Air Balloon
203. Work on a Vineyard
204. Work With Zoo Animals


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