Crazy Bucket List Ideas

This page features 131 crazy bucket list ideas to do before you die. I created it in hopes that you will gain some inspiration for your own journey.

Once you're done reading through this list, I highly recommend creating an action plan while motivation is high.

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* Just one small note before we get started:

* If you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be dangerous so seek out guidance if you decide to try them!

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!


Crazy Bucket List Ideas

1. Base Jump With a Wingsuit
2. Be at the Top of the Tallest Building in the World
3. Be Brave Enough to Bungee Jump
4. Be Face to Face With a Tiger
5. Cage Dive With Sharks
6. Cage-Dive With Crocodiles in Darwin
7. Capture a Fugitive
8. Capture a Tornado on Film
9. Cave Dive
10. Chase a Tornado
11. Circumnavigate the Globe By Sail
12. Cliff Dive
13. Cliff Diving Into Water
14. Climb 5 Mountains
15. Climb a Volcano
16. Climb a Water Tower
17. Climb a Waterfall
18. Climb an Iceberg
19. Climb to the Top of a Rope in a Gym
20. Climb to the Top of Kale Fortress in Skopje
21. Climb to the Top of Orton Hall
22. Climb Up to the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio
23. Coal Walking
24. Cross a Country By Foot
25. Cross a Country With Bicycle
26. Cross a Glacier on Foot
27. Crowd Surf at a Rock Concert
28. Deliver a Baby
29. Dive in a Cage With Great Whites
30. Dive in a Submarine
31. Dive to a Shipwreck
32. Dive to the Titanic
33. Dive Under the Ice
34. Dive With a Whale Shark
35. Do a Bungee Race
36. Do a Firewalking
37. Do a Free Fall Human Suspension
38. Do a Polar Bear Plunge
39. Do a Polar Bear Swim
40. Do a Skydive
41. Do a Tandem Parachute Jump
42. Do Human Bowling
43. Do Reverse Bungee
44. Do Something Insanely Brave
45. Do the Worlds Highest Bungee Jump
46. Don't Sleep For 48 Hours
47. Drive 200+ Kph on the German Autobahn
48. Drive a Race Car on a Race Track
49. Drive a Rally Car
50. Eat Bugs

The Great Bucket List

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51. Eat Bull Testicles
52. Eat Frog Legs
53. Eat Iguana
54. Eat Snake
55. Eat Something Foreign That Looks Disgusting
56. Experience a Tandem Paragliding
57. Experience a Very Mild Earthquake
58. Experience Four Different Extreme Environments
59. Experience Weightlessness
60. Feed Sharks
61. Fly a Wingsuit
62. Go Alligator Hunting
63. Go at the Top of the Highest Building of the World
64. Go Base Jumping
65. Go Bobsledding
66. Go Bull Riding
67. Go Cave Jumping
68. Go Cliff Diving
69. Go Dog Sledding
70. Go Go-Karting
71. Go Heliboarding
72. Go Helmet Diving
73. Go Indoor Skydiving
74. Go Into a Zero Gravity Room
75. Go Into Space
76. Go on a Zipline Tour
77. Go Parachute Jumping
78. Go Paragliding
79. Go Parasailing
80. Go Para-Skiing
81. Go Pearl Diving
82. Go Quadbiking
83. Go Rappelling
84. Go Red Back Spider Hunting
85. Go Snorkeling in a Shipwreck
86. Go Storm Chasing
87. Go Swimming in the Great Barrier Reef
88. Go Volcano Boarding
89. Go White Water Rafting
90. Go Wind Surfing
91. Go Zip Lining
92. Go Zorbing
93. Hang Glide
94. Have a Nascar Experience
95. Hold a Dangerous Snake Around my Neck
96. Hold a Tarantula
97. Hold a Venomous Snake
98. Jump from a High Place
99. Jump from an Airplane
100. Jump in a Fountain
101. Jump Off a Rock Into the Ocean
102. Jump Off a Waterfall
103. Jump Off Stratosphere Tower
104. Jump Out of a Plane With a Parachute
105. Kill a Hog With a Bow
106. Kill and Field Strip a Deer
107. Kill and Skin a Rabbit
108. Live in the Wild For 2 Weeks
109. Live in the Wilderness With Nothing But a Knife
110. Live Like a Hobo
111. Raft a Class 5 Rapid
112. Raft Through the Grand Canyon
113. Rappel Down a Waterfall
114. Rappel Down the Side of a Castle
115. Reach Earth's Deepest Seabed
116. Repel Down a Mountain
117. Repel Into a Cave
118. Repel Off a Cliff
119. Ride 100 Miles Through Death Valley
120. Ride 50 Rollercoasters
121. Ride a Bicycle from Los Angeles to New York
122. Ride a Bull
123. Ride a Zipline Through the Jungle
124. Run With the Bulls
125. See a Bear in the Wild
126. See a Tornado
127. Summit Mount Everest
128. Survive a Week on a Deserted Island
129. Tame a Tiger
130. Touch a Snake
131. Zipline Through the Jungle


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