176 Health & Fitness Bucket List Ideas

This page features 176 Health and Fitness bucket list ideas to do before you die. I created it in hopes that you will gain some inspiration for your own journey.

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* Just one small note before we get started:

* If you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be dangerous so seek out guidance if you decide to try them!

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!


Health & Fitness Bucket List Ideas

1. Accomplish Three Pull-Ups
2. Achieve my Ideal Weight
3. Achieve Six-Pack Abs
4. Be Able to Do a Backflip
5. Be Able to Do a One Handed Push Up
6. Be Able to Do a Roundhouse Kick
7. Be Able to Do Half Moon Yoga Pose
8. Be Able to Do the Splits
9. Be Fitter Then Ever
10. Be in an Amateur Bodybuilding Competition
11. Become a Black Belt in Karate
12. Become a Bodybuilder
13. Become a Size 10
14. Become a Triathlete
15. Benchpress my Own Weight
16. Bike Across the Country
17. Bike to Another Town
18. Climb a Rock Wall
19. Climb a Spiral Staircase
20. Compete in a 3 Point Basketball Contest
21. Compete in a Fitness Competition
22. Compete in a Surf Competition
23. Compete in an Archery Tournament
24. Compete in the Olympics
25. Compete in Tough Mudder
26. Complete 4Hr Body Challenge
27. Complete 60 Day Insanity Transformation
28. Complete 90 Days of P90X
29. Complete a 10K Competitive Run Race
30. Complete a 10K Run
31. Complete a 30 Day Juice Feast
32. Complete a 5K Competitive Run Race
33. Complete a 5K Run
34. Complete a Course in Something
35. Complete a Cross-Country Ski Race
36. Complete a Dakar Rally
37. Complete a Half Marathon
38. Complete a Marathon
39. Complete a Sprint Distance Triathlon
40. Complete an Ironman Triathlon
41. Complete an Ultra Marathon
42. Complete Ironman Kona
43. Complete Open Water Dive Certification
44. Complete the 100 Push-Up Challenge
45. Complete the Body For Life Challenge
46. Complete the Seven Summit
47. Completely Give Up Fast Food For a Month
48. Deadlift 500 Pounds
49. Design An Individual Yoga Experience
50. Do "Insanity" Fitness Program

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51. Do 10 Pushups For 10 Days
52. Do 100 Kettlebell Swings in One Shot
53. Do 100 Sit Ups in 5 Minutes
54. Do 25 Straight Pull-ups
55. Do a 180 While Skiing
56. Do a Backflip
57. Do a Base Jump
58. Do a Body Suspension
59. Do a Double Frontflip
60. Do a Full Split
61. Do a Handstand
62. Do a Juice Fast
63. Do a Warrior Dash-Type Run
64. Dog Sledding
65. Down Hill Biking
66. Drink 3 Glasses of Water First Thing in the Morning
67. Drink Only Water For a Year
68. Drop 15 Kilo's This Year
69. Enter the Cooper Hill Cheese Roll
70. Enter the Tough Guy Competition
71. Enter the World Bog Snorkeling Championships
72. Exercise 4 Times a Week
73. Exercise Daily in the Morning
74. Exercise For 3 Months
75. Exercise Until I Can't
76. Find a Sport I Love and Get Good at It
77. Find a Training Buddy
78. Finish a Half Ironman Competition
79. Finish First Place
80. Finish the 60 Day Insanity Workout
81. Get 6-Pack Abs
82. Get a Strike in Bowling
83. Get Better at Basketball
84. Get Down to 60Kg
85. Go a Week Drinking Only Water
86. Go a Whole Season Without Missing a Liverpool Game
87. Go Abseiling Down a Mountain
88. Go Curling
89. Go Dancing
90. Go Deep Sea Diving
91. Go For Walk in Central Park
92. Go Hiking
93. Go Ice Skating
94. Go Kayaking
95. Go Kiteboarding
96. Go Mountain Climbing
97. Go on a Health Retreat
98. Go on a Midnight Bike Ride
99. Go Paddle Boarding
100. Go Rock Climbing With Best Friend
101. Go Running Every Morning
102. Go Running When It Is Raining
103. Go Tandem Bike Riding
104. Go to a Belly Dancing Club
105. Go to a Boxing Match
106. Have a Healthy BMI
107. Have my Dream Body
108. Have Pole Dance Classes
109. Increase my Flexibility
110. Join a Gym
111. Join a Kickboxing Class
112. Join a Rowing Club
113. Join a Running Club
114. Join a Salsa Class
115. Join a Yoga Class
116. Join the 50 States Marathon Club
117. Loose 25 Pounds
118. Lose Over 100 Lbs
119. Lower my Body Fat to Less Than 10%
120. Make a Hole-In-One
121. Not Gaining Any Weight During the Holidays
122. Participate in a Color Run
123. Participate in a Swimming Race
124. Participate in Endurance Events
125. Participate in the Tour De France
126. Play Basketball With a Pro
127. Play Golf at the Top 50 Courses
128. Play Golf For a Day
129. Play in a Bowling Tournament
130. Play Volleyball
131. Practice a Sport
132. Practice Ashtanga at Home
133. Practice Kundalini Yoga
134. Practice Tai Chi Everyday
135. Practice Yoga Every Day For a Year
136. Qualify to Ironman Hawaii
137. Race in the Isle of Man
138. Reach a Healthy Weight
139. Run 10 Laps in 30 Minutes
140. Run 135 Miles Across Death Valley Within 60 Hours 
141. Run 5K Every Day For a Month
142. Run a 10K Race
143. Run a 5K Obstacle Course
144. Run a Half-Marathon With my Mom
145. Run a Marathon For Charity
146. Run a Marathon in all 50 States
147. Run a Mile Without Stopping
148. Run a Spartan Race
149. Run London Marathon
150. Run the Boston Marathon
151. Run the Honolulu Marathon
152. Run the Turkey Trot
153. Single Digit Body Fat
154. Sit in a Sauna For 15 Minutes
155. Spend a Day Riding Horses
156. Start a Steady Exercise Routine
157. Stick on a Diet
158. Swim Across a Lake
159. Swim in a Fountain
160. Swim in a Lake
161. Take a Ballroom Dancing Course
162. Take a Belly Dancing Class
163. Take a Burlesque Class
164. Take a Kickboxing Class
165. Take a Kiteboarding Lesson
166. Train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil
167. Train in Jujitsu
168. Try Ballroom Dancing
169. Try Being a Vegetarian
170. Try Ocean Kayaking
171. Try Paddle Boarding
172. Walk a Marathon Barefoot
173. Weigh Less Than 80Kg
174. Win a Gold Medal
175. Win a Mountain Bike Race
176. Workout Everyday

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