368 Learning & Education Bucket List Ideas

This page features 368 learning bucket list ideas to do before you die. You'll find inspiration for the small things as well as the big things.

Once you're done reading through this list, I highly recommend creating an action plan while motivation is high.

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* Just one small note before we get started:

* If you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be dangerous so seek out guidance if you decide to try them!

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!


Learning Bucket List Ideas

1. Achieve a 4.0 For One Semester
2. Add Something Useful to Wikipedia
3. Attend a Presidential Inauguration
4. Attend a Sydney Opera House
5. Attend a TED Talk
6. Attend a Writing Class
7. Attend California Institute of the Arts
8. Attend Howard University
9. Attend Stanford Law School
10. Be a Foreign Exchange Student
11. Become Bilingual
12. Become Fluent in Dutch
13. Become Fluent in French
14. Become Fluent in French and Spanish
15. Become Fluent in German
16. Become Fluent in Italian
17. Become Fluent in Mandarin Chinese
18. Become Fluent in Spanish
19. Build An Educational Institute
20. Complete a 5000 Question Survey
21. Complete a Course to Become a Photographer
22. Complete a Degree
23. Complete a Management Course
24. Complete a Master's Degree
25. Complete a Novel
26. Complete a Rubik's Cube
27. Complete a Talk to a Class of Students
28. Complete all of my Favorite Author Books
29. Complete all the Books from '1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die'
30. Complete an Art Foundation Course in London
31. Complete an Instagram Month Challenge
32. Complete an Online Class
33. Complete Another Degree
34. Complete at Least 3 Years of French Classes
35. Complete College
36. Complete Final Year of Graduate School
37. Complete my Bachelor's Degree
38. Complete my Degree With No Less Than a Distinction
39. Complete my Doctorate
40. Complete my Honors Degree
41. Do a 1St Aid Course
42. Do a Course in Music
43. Do a First Aid Course
44. Do a Research in Antarctica
45. Do Crosswords Every Day For a Month
46. Do Sudoku Every Day For a Year
47. Earn my M.B.A. Degree
48. Educate Others About Agriculture
49. Fail a Course
50. Finish a 2Nd Master's Degree

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51. Finish a Book in Spanish
52. Finish First in my Class
53. Finish High school on Time
54. Follow a Course For First Aid Training
55. Get a 10 For a Math's Test
56. Get a Racing License
57. Get a Scholarship For University
58. Get a TEFL Qualification
59. Get Accepted to my Dream College
60. Get Better in Playing the Drums
61. Get Certified As a Lifeguard
62. Get Certified As a Public Accountant
63. Get CPR Certified
64. Get Good at the Guitar
65. Get Into a Pt School
66. Get Into Harvard
67. Get Into Law School
68. Get Into Med School
69. Get Into Vet School
70. Get my Captains License
71. Get my Degree in Teaching
72. Get Straight A's Next Semester
73. Give a Commencement Speech
74. Go on a University Exchange
75. Immerse in Buddhism
76. Improve my French
77. Join a Book Club
78. Join a Chess Club
79. Know the Alphabet Backwards
80. Know the Stars
81. Learn 100 Basic American Sign Language Signs
82. Learn a Ballroom Dance
83. Learn a Burlesque Routine
84. Learn a Choreographed Dance
85. Learn a Computer Programming Language
86. Learn a Dance
87. Learn a Foreign Language
88. Learn a Form of Martial Arts
89. Learn a Form of Spanish Dancing
90. Learn a Hilarious Phrase in 10 Languages
91. Learn a Magic Card Trick
92. Learn a Magic Trick
93. Learn a New Language and Speak It Fluently
94. Learn a New Sport
95. Learn a New Word Every Day For a Year
96. Learn a New Word from an Unknown Language Every Day For 30 Days
97. Learn a Song on the Ukulele
98. Learn a Trade
99. Learn About a New Religion
100. Learn About Hieroglyphics
101. Learn Aerial Silks
102. Learn all 6 Official Un Languages
103. Learn all About Home Remedies
104. Learn all About Wine
105. Learn all the Constellations
106. Learn American Sign Language (ASL)
107. Learn an Musical Instrument
108. Learn and Practice Yoga
109. Learn and Understand Chess
110. Learn Arabic
111. Learn Archery
112. Learn Argentinean Tango in Argentina
113. Learn As Many Games As I Can
114. Learn Asian Cooking
115. Learn Astronomy
116. Learn at Least 10 Instruments
117. Learn Ballet
118. Learn Ballroom Dancing
119. Learn Basic Car Maintenance
120. Learn Basic First Aid
121. Learn Basic Italian
122. Learn Basic Self Defense
123. Learn Belly Dancing
124. Learn Body Language
125. Learn Boxing
126. Learn Brazilian Portuguese
127. Learn Calligraphy
128. Learn Classical Dances
129. Learn English
130. Learn German
131. Learn Hebrew
132. Learn How to Change a Tire
133. Learn How to Cook Italian
134. Learn How to Cook Seafood
135. Learn How to Cook Something Difficult
136. Learn How to Decorate a Cake
137. Learn How to DJ
138. Learn How to Do a Backflip
139. Learn How to Dragon Boat
140. Learn How to Drive
141. Learn How to Drive a Motorcycle
142. Learn How to Fly
143. Learn How to Fold Origami
144. Learn How to Forage For Mushrooms
145. Learn How to Jet Ski
146. Learn How to Juggle
147. Learn How to Kite-Surf
148. Learn How to Lucid Dream
149. Learn How to Make an Amazing Margarita
150. Learn How to Make Thai Food
151. Learn How to Make Videos
152. Learn How to Make Wine
153. Learn How to Paddle Board
154. Learn How to Paint With Oils
155. Learn How to Perfectly Curl my Hair
156. Learn How to Perform Magic Tricks
157. Learn How to Pick Locks
158. Learn How to Pitch a Tent
159. Learn How to Play a Violin
160. Learn How to Play at Least One Song With Guitar
161. Learn How to Play Chess
162. Learn How to Play Drums
163. Learn How to Play the Guitar
164. Learn How to Play the Harmonica
165. Learn How to Play the Harp
166. Learn How to Play the Piano
167. Learn How to Play the Saxophone
168. Learn How to Play the Uke
169. Learn How to Play Trumpet
170. Learn How to Play With Kids
171. Learn How to Pole Dance
172. Learn How to Read Braille
173. Learn How to Read Tarot Cards
174. Learn How to Sail
175. Learn How to Salsa Dance
176. Learn How to Say "Hello" in 10 Languages
177. Learn How to Say 10 Words in 10 Different Languages
178. Learn How to Shoot a Gun
179. Learn How to Shoulder Hoop
180. Learn How to Sing
181. Learn How to Skate
182. Learn How to Ski
183. Learn How to Snow Shoe
184. Learn How to Snowboard
185. Learn How to Surf
186. Learn How to Swim
187. Learn How to Take Compliments
188. Learn How to Take Criticism
189. Learn How to Tie a Tie
190. Learn How to Use a Pogo Stick
191. Learn How to Use Chopsticks
192. Learn How to Use Photoshop
193. Learn How to Walk in High Heels
194. Learn How to Waltz
195. Learn How to Water Ski
196. Learn How to Weld
197. Learn How to Whistle
198. Learn Hula
199. Learn Hungarian
200. Learn Hypnosis
201. Learn I Love You in More Than 30 Languages
202. Learn Icelandic
203. Learn Irish
204. Learn Irish Step Dancing
205. Learn Judo
206. Learn Krav Maga
207. Learn Kungfu
208. Learn Mandarin
209. Learn Martial Arts
210. Learn Meditation Properly
211. Learn Morse Code
212. Learn Poker
213. Learn Qi Gong
214. Learn Russian
215. Learn Self Defense
216. Learn Tai Chi
217. Learn Telekinesis
218. Learn the Art of Dancing With Fire
219. Learn the Art of Small Talk
220. Learn to Analyze Handwriting
221. Learn to Bake Bread
222. Learn to Bartend
223. Learn to Boulder
224. Learn to Box
225. Learn to Braid my Own Hair
226. Learn to Break-dance
227. Learn to Camp
228. Learn to Can Food
229. Learn to Change the Oil
230. Learn to Crochet
231. Learn to Curl my Hair
232. Learn to Dance Hula and Perform on Stage
233. Learn to Dance Samba
234. Learn to Dance Swing
235. Learn to Do a Backflip
236. Learn to Do a Back-Handspring
237. Learn to Do a Handstand
238. Learn to Do a Wall Flip
239. Learn to Do the Rubik's Cube
240. Learn to Do the Splits
241. Learn to Drape a Sari
242. Learn to Draw
243. Learn to Drive a Stick Shift
244. Learn to Drum Roll
245. Learn to Firebreath
246. Learn to Float in Water
247. Learn to Fly a Helicopter
248. Learn to Fly a Plane
249. Learn to Fly an R/C Helicopter
250. Learn to Hang Glide
251. Learn to Identify Dog Breeds
252. Learn to Interpret Body Language
253. Learn to Juggle
254. Learn to Jump on a Horseback
255. Learn to Knit
256. Learn to Live For Today
257. Learn to Live in the Now
258. Learn to Love and Accept Myself
259. Learn to Make a Pie As Good As my Mom
260. Learn to Make Candles
261. Learn to Milk a Cow
262. Learn to Play a Song on the Piano
263. Learn to Play Acoustic Guitar
264. Learn to Play an Entire Song on Guitar
265. Learn to Play Bass Guitar
266. Learn to Play Bridge
267. Learn to Play Chess
268. Learn to Play Gin Rummy
269. Learn to Play Piano By Ear
270. Learn to Play Ping Pong
271. Learn to Play Pool
272. Learn to Play Tennis
273. Learn to Play the Accordion
274. Learn to Play the Bagpipes
275. Learn to Play the Cello
276. Learn to Play the Cornet
277. Learn to Play the Drums
278. Learn to Play the Low Whistle
279. Learn to Play the Mellophone
280. Learn to Play the Oboe
281. Learn to Play the Ocarina
282. Learn to Play the Ukulele
283. Learn to Play the Violin
284. Learn to Ride a Unicycle
285. Learn to Ride and Care For Horses
286. Learn to Rollerblade
287. Learn to Say "Hello and Thank You" in 10 Languages
288. Learn to Say "Hello" in 50 Different Languages
289. Learn to Say "No" Without Feeling Guilty
290. Learn to Say “Hello” in 15 Languages
291. Learn to Say Exactly What I Mean
292. Learn to Scuba Dive
293. Learn to Sew
294. Learn to Snorkel
295. Learn to Stay Underwater For More Than 5 Minutes
296. Learn to Straighten my Own Hair
297. Learn to Street Dance
298. Learn to Surf
299. Learn to Swim
300. Learn to Sword Fight
301. Learn to Tango in Buenos Aires
302. Learn to Teach English
303. Learn to Throw Clay on a Wheel
304. Learn to Use a Pogo Stick
305. Learn to Use a Sewing Machine
306. Learn to Use Both Sets of Vocal Cords Individually
307. Learn to Use Chopsticks
308. Learn to Use my DSLR Camera
309. Learn to Vault
310. Learn to Walk in Heels
311. Learn to Watercolor
312. Learn to Weld
313. Learn to Whistle
314. Learn to Windsurf
315. Learn to Work a Bull Whip
316. Learn to Write With my Foot
317. Learn to Write With my Left Hand
318. Learn to Yodel
319. Master Capoeira
320. Master Drawing
321. Master the Art of Throwing Knives
322. Master the Scorpion Yoga Pose
323. Observe an Open Heart Surgery
324. Obtain CPA License
325. Organize an Online Seminar
326. Own 400 Books
327. Participate in an Archeological Dig
328. Pass all my Exams
329. Pass my Driving Test
330. Pass the New York Bar
331. Read 1,000 Books
332. Read 10 Great Books This Year
333. Read 100 Books in One Year
334. Read a Book in One Day
335. Read a Book More Than 5 Times
336. Read a Book That Is Over 1000 Pages
337. Read a Poem at the Local Poets Night
338. Read a Song of Fire and Ice Series
339. Read a Whole Book in One Day
340. Read all 100 of the Best Books of all Time
341. Read all 7 Harry Potter Stories
342. Read all Books By Haruki Murakami
343. Read all Charles Dickens Novels
344. Read all of Shakespeare's Work
345. Read all of the Russian Classics
346. Read Every Book I Own
347. Read One Book Per Month
348. Read Oprah's Entire Book List
349. Read the Dictionary
350. Read the Koran
351. Read the Whole Bible in a Year
352. Read War and Peace
353. Speak Fluent Spanish
354. Speak In front of 100+ People
355. Study Taoism
356. Take a Gun Safety Class
357. Take a Philosophy Class
358. Teach a Child to Play a Musical Instrument
359. Teach a Class
360. Teach a College Level Course
361. Teach a Meditation Class
362. Teach a Yoga Class
363. Teach an Adult How to Read
364. Teach English in a Foreign Country
365. Teach my Dog to Roll Over
366. Teach Someone a New Skill
367. Teach Someone Something They Will Never Forget
368. Teach Something I Like

* Photo by Peter Zuco

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