Relationship Bucket List Ideas

This page features 203 relationship bucket list ideas to do before you die. I created it in hopes that you will gain some inspiration for your own journey.

Once you're done reading through this list, I highly recommend creating an action plan while motivation is high.

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* Just one small note before we get started:

* If you decide to take part in any of the activities listed below, you do so entirely at your own risk. Some of the bucket list ideas listed here can be dangerous so seek out guidance if you decide to try them!

With this in mind, let's rock and roll!!


Social Bucket List Ideas

1. Adopt a Child
2. Adopt Internationally
3. Ask a Guy on a Date
4. Ask Out a Hollywood Actress
5. Ask Someone For Prom
6. Ask Someone to a Dance
7. Ask Someone You've Only Just Met Out on a Date
8. Attend a Bat Mitzvah
9. Attend a Gay Pride Event
10. Attend a High School Reunion
11. Attend One Wine Tasting a Month
12. Be a Bridesmaid
13. Be a Foster Parent
14. Be a Godmother
15. Be Cupid For a Couple Who Will End Up Married
16. Be Kissed By the Person I Love at Midnight on New Years
17. Be Kissed Unexpectedly in the Middle of a Sentence
18. Be Proposed to in a Unique Way
19. Become a Father
20. Become a Midwife
21. Become a Mom
22. Become Friendly With Someone I Dislike
23. Become Friends With a Celebrity
24. Become Instant Friends With a Stranger
25. Become More Outgoing
26. Build a Blanket Fort With Someone I Love
27. Build a Blanket Fort With Someone I Love
28. Build a Cool Tree House For the Kids
29. Build A Log Cabin For my Wife and I
30. Build Something That I Can Leave For my Kids
31. Calm an Extremely Angry Person
32. Care For my Parents When They Are Old
33. Carve my Love and my Name Into a Tree
34. Confess my Feelings
35. Confess my Love
36. Connect With an Old Friend
37. Crack a Joke Making More Than 5 People Laugh at Once
38. Create a New Family Tradition
39. Create a Social Enterprise
40. Create a Tradition of Getting Together
41. Cut Our First Child's Umbilical Cord
42. Date a Beautiful Woman
43. Date a Black Guy
44. Date a Doctor
45. Date a Model
46. Date a Rich Man
47. Date a Yoga Teacher
48. Date an Athlete
49. Date Someone my Mom Likes
50. Devote an Entire Day to Sex

The Great Bucket List

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51. Experience True Love
52. Fall Asleep in my Boyfriends Arms
53. Fall Deeply, Deeply in Love
54. Fall in Love Accidentally
55. Fall in Love For a Night
56. Find "The One"
57. Find a Husband
58. Fly Lanterns at my Wedding
59. Gaze at the Stars With Someone
60. Get a Hot Boyfriend
61. Get a Mistletoe Kiss
62. Get a New Years Kiss at Midnight
63. Get Engaged
64. Get Married
65. Get Through a Long Distance Relationship
66. Go on a Blind Date
67. Go on a Date at an Amusement Park
68. Go on a Date to the Beach
69. Go on a Double Date
70. Go on a Fancy Date
71. Go on a Romantic Getaway
72. Go on a Romantic Vacation in Paris
73. Go on a Valentine's Day Date
74. Go on an Ice Skating Date
75. Go Out With a Beautiful Red Head
76. Go to a Baby Shower
77. Go to a Garden Party
78. Grow Old With the Love of my Life
79. Have 3 Or More Kids
80. Have 50Th Wedding Anniversary
81. Have a Baby
82. Have a Beautiful Wedding
83. Have a Boyfriend
84. Have a Candle Lit Dinner
85. Have a Cup of Coffee With a Stranger
86. Have a Deep and Meaningful Conversation With a Celebrity
87. Have a Dramatic Public Argument
88. Have a Facebook Account
89. Have a Foreign Girlfriend
90. Have a Friend in a Different Country
91. Have a Girls Weekend Away With my Mum
92. Have a Large Family
93. Have a Long Term Relationship
94. Have a Meaningful Conversation With a Stranger
95. Have a Perfect Kiss
96. Have a Picnic in Central Park, New York
97. Have a Relationship That Is Successful For at Least a Year
98. Have a Romantic Flight in a Hot Air Balloon
99. Have a Roommate
100. Have a Second Child
101. Have a Secret Admirer
102. Have a Summer Romance
103. Have a Twitter Account
104. Have an Upside Down Kiss
105. Have Cocktail Drinks in a Limo With Friends
106. Have Sex in a Car
107. Have Sex in the Shower
108. Have Simultaneous Orgasm
109. Have Twins
110. Help a Friend When They Are Truly in Need
111. Help my Brother Find Out What He Wants to Do
112. Host a Vegan Dinner Party
113. Improve my Relationship With my Mother
114. Kiss at the Top of a Ferris Wheel
115. Kiss at the Top of the Eiffel Tower
116. Kiss For an Hour
117. Kiss in the Rain
118. Kiss in the Snow
119. Kiss on the Beach at Sunset
120. Kiss Someone at a Concert
121. Kiss Someone Famous
122. Kiss Under Fireworks
123. Kiss Under the Mistletoe
124. Kiss Underwater
125. Live Happily Ever After
126. Live to Meet my Grandchildren
127. Live With my Best Friends
128. Live Without Facebook For a Year
129. Look Into Someone's Eyes For an Hour
130. Make a Friend at a Sports Stadium
131. Make a Friend For Life
132. Make a Lifelong Friend in Another Country
133. Make Breakfast in Bed For Someone
134. Make Love in Every Room of the House
135. Make Love on a Beach
136. Make Out With Someone
137. Make Parents Breakfast in Bed
138. Make Peace With my High School Bully
139. Marry my Best Friend
140. Marry my Highschool Sweetheart
141. Meet a Millionaire
142. Meet a Person Born on the Same Day As Me
143. Meet Bill Gates
144. Meet Every One of my Facebook Friends
145. Meet my Childhood Hero
146. Meet my Favorite Baseball Player
147. Meet my Favorite YouTuber
148. Meet my Idol
149. Meet my Online Friends Face to Face
150. Meet Robbie Williams
151. Move Out of my Parents' House
152. Name a Star After Someone I Love
153. Organize an Easter Egg Hunt
154. Organize an Event
155. Party With a Celebrity
156. Plan a Romantic Picnic For Two
157. Plan a Surprise Party
158. Promote a Nightclub
159. Propose in a Unique Way
160. Raise a Happy Healthy Child
161. Raise my Son With Good Values
162. Reach 10,000 Followers on Twitter
163. Reach 10,000 Likes on my Facebook Page
164. Reach 10,000 Subscribers on YouTube
165. Read my Child the Children's Classics
166. Receive a Love Letter
167. Receive a Red Rose
168. Reconnect With Relatives I Haven't Seen in a Long Time
169. Renew Our Wedding Vows
170. Rent a Car and Drive the Romantic Road in Germany
171. Research my Family Tree
172. Say "I Love You"
173. Say "I Love You" to all the People I Love the Most
174. Say "No" and Don't Feel Bad About It
175. Say, "I Do" to the One I Love
176. Sea Fishing With my Son
177. Send Mum a Dozen Roses For No Reason
178. Shake Hands With Al Gore
179. Shake Hands With the President
180. Skype With Someone For More Than an Hour
181. Speak at a Loved Ones Funeral
182. Start a Conversation With a Stranger
183. Start a Family
184. Stay Married For 50 Years
185. Take a Family Vacation to Disney
186. Take a Homeless Person For Dinner
187. Take a Shower With Someone
188. Take Cute Kissing Pictures in a Photobooth
189. Take my Kids to Gatorland
190. Take my Kids to Sea World
191. Take my Mom on the Vacation of Her Dreams
192. Take Photobooth Kissing Pictures
193. Talk to a Stranger in Starbucks
194. Tell 5 Random Stranger "I Love You"
195. Tell a Complete Stranger my Life Story
196. Tell Dad I Love Him
197. Thank my Parents For Everything
198. Throw a Huge Party
199. Throw a Surprise Party For Someone
200. Trace my Biological Family
201. Wake Up Next to a Loved One
202. Watch my Children Get Married
203. Witness a Marriage Proposal


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