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Hi, I'm Tal. Around a decade ago, I made a decision to pursue every big life goal I have and live life on my own terms.

I wrote a bucket list of 100 life goals - from Ironman triathlon, to non-stop travel, to becoming financially free - and gave myself exactly 10 years to achieve them all.

Little did I know that that night would change the course of my life. Learn More...

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I love flying. Even the long 10+ hours flights. Even the screaming kids. I know, weird. But that's me. There are many reasons why I like flying but a big one is that it kind of forces me to be with [...]
--> Flight mode on the ground.
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100+ Inspiring Journeys

Over the past few years, I've interviewed some of the most inspiring and successful people I know today, incredible movers-and-shakers who lead remarkable, and often unconventional, lives.  Read More
What does success have to do with 6 pieces of T-shirts and strict morning routine? Who has this big vision of empowering people to live on their own terms? It’s Marcus Meurer, a Digital Nomad, [...]
--> The DNX Revolution – Interview with Marcus Meurer
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Zero-to-Hero Stories

Reading transformational zero-to-hero stories is a great way, not only to get inspired, but also to learn from other's victories and mistakes. Get Inspired!   Read More
More and more people are being inspired by the idea of chasing their bucket list dreams. No longer willing to settle for the lives they feel they should be living, they are deciding what they want to [...]
--> 10 Inspiring People Chasing their Bucket List Dreams Around the Globe
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Motivational Thoughts

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The opposite of anything isn’t necessarily negative. Often it’s complimentary. Failure, for example, can be a teacher and fuel to success.  By Tal Gur
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100 Life Goals

One eve, just after I turned 30, I started a long life goals list which later became the basis of this site.  Read More
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1000+ Bucket Ideas

For years, I've searched for ideas for my own life goals List. I decided to gather everything I found into one area so others can get ideas for their own bucket list. Read More

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