60 Nights Out Goal

Since my last triathlon in January and after achieving all my physical goals, I have changed my focus back onto my social life. It wasn’t too long before I found myself going out every night, so I’ve decided to turn it into a challenge: going out for 60 nights in a row. : )

Past experiences have taught me that when you increase the frequency of activities you love and totally immerse yourself in the experience, a whole new world opens up. And what is more fun than socializing and connecting with others!

Since then, 5 more people joined the challenge and they all seemed to benefit from it, connecting with more people and polishing their social skills. There is even a Facebook group with 40+ members online. Just funny how a random conversation with friends can fuel so many people into action…

Currently I’m on night 34 and I can honestly say that it feels very natural now to go out every day or night. It actually became really hard to stay at home. : )




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