Better and Faster: Takeaways and Key Points Summary

Better and Faster outlines how to overcome neurological traps that block successful people from realizing their full potential. It describes 6 patterns of opportunity: Convergence, Divergence, Cyclicality, Redirection, Reduction and Acceleration. Each pattern is a repeatable shortcut that has created fortunes for ex-criminals, reclusive billionaires, disruptive CEOs and ordinary people who unexpectedly made it big.

Key Points From Better and Faster

  • Takeaway 1: Don't fall prey to complacency (Resting on the laurels earned from past successes), repetition (Taking actions that brought success in the past and expect the same outcome in the present), or overprotectiveness (Setting up barriers that protect the status quo and inhibit evolution). Businesses who do so eventually end up being destroyed.
  • Takeaway 2: Replace complacency with insatiability (Constantly scanning the market for the next opportunity), repetition with curiosity (Seeking out new and fresh sources of inspiration), and overprotectiveness with a willingness to destroy (The willingness to abandon safety).
  • Takeaway 3: How do you take advantage of new trends in business? Convergence and divergence. By combining several different trends at once, you can create a new niche or sector of the market for your product or service (convergence). By carving out a competitive advantage through a unique angle that diverges from the overcrowded mainstream, you can create a new pathway for your business (divergence)
  • Takeaway 4: Your business could take advantage of cyclicality (Forecasting trends and predictably recurring elements) to create new products and services.
  • Takeaway 5: Have a product/service that has some negative connotation to it? Redirect it by marketing to its strengths whilst not entirely avoiding its downfalls
  • Takeaway 6: Double down on the strengths of your product/service by reducing it to its popular and practical elements. Similarly, you can accelerate by taking the good points and making them better, stronger, faster, and more efficient.
  • Takeaway 7: Narrow your focus and identify a cluster of opportunity (a group of products that have a similar approach) in your industry. Then, use the patterns of opportunity discussed above to reframe the main idea and make it special. Additionally, look outside your industry for new ideas
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    Better and Faster Chapters

    Chapter 3: HOW TO RAISE A HUNTER
    Chapter 5: CONVERGENCE
    Chapter 6: DIVERGENCE
    Chapter 7: CYCLICALITY
    Chapter 8: REDIRECTION
    Chapter 9: REDUCTION
    Chapter 10: ACCELERATION
    Chapter 11: THE HUNTING GROUND

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