Busting 5 Excuses For Pursuing Big Goals

When it comes to committing to a new journey, it’s easy to come up with excuses. In fact, we tell ourselves so many excuses (i.e. lies) that if I listed them all, I’d never get to the point. I do, however, want to touch on the major ones. You see, from my experience, making excuses […]

Stop. Note to Self.

Stop. Yes, just stop. Sit down for a moment, instead of rushing through life as if it is a race. It isn’t. Sit down and feel your body. Is it telling you a change is needed? You’re not going to live forever, you know. Life can be very short. What is it that you truly […]

Rich in What Truly Matters

As a lover of travel, I’ve been to some of the most poverty-stricken places of what’s often called the ‘Developing world.’ But when others see poverty, I see abundance – of community, of selfless generosity, of trust in life and fellow men. Take Bali for example. Most Balinese live in compounds where each family member […]

When MORE gives LESS.

These days, it seems that almost everyone is searching for something MORE. More peace, more love, more abundance, more happiness, more freedom, more enlightenment… But here’s something I’ve recently realized: Chasing for MORE already assumes scarcity. Even worse, it reinforces scarcity. Not only that, paradoxically, the chase for MORE only takes us further away from […]

Don’t take creativity too seriously

I often get asked how I stay creative. The answer is, I don’t “stay creative”. Creativity is not something I can force. What I do is quite simple, I prioritize time with myself and then I get out of my own way. That’s it. Even though what I do sounds quite simple, it’s not always […]


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