Sadness can be a gift

Yesterday, I arrived to the Canary Islands and checked in into one of the most beautiful apartments I’ve ever stayed in. But instead of feeling joy, I felt a bit of sadness. WTF?? “You should be happy” a voice inside of me muttered. ” look at all of this beauty…”. However, I couldn’t help myself […]

Wherever you go, there you are

Yesterday was my last day in Lisbon. It was also my birthday and I could not have been more happy to celebrate it in Lisbon’s magnificent surrounding nature. My newfound external connection with Portugal’s beauty was morphing into an internal one. My heart was buzzing with joy and I was like a kid again—expansive, excited, […]

Celebrating oneself

Today is my birthday. It’s a special one. Because I’ve never felt more alive, more connected, more at peace, more myself. In the past, I did not like drawing attention to my birthday, but now I say, why not? why not celebrating myself with the world? Celebrating ourselves is not something we’re taught to do […]

Creating space for the unknown

In my early travel days, I used to read about my destinations and fill my schedule with as much as I could. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to create space and leave room for the unknown, or, as I see it these days, to trust life and what it has in store for […]

When a setback happens

No one wants a setback in their life. But it’s bound to happen. There is no way around it. Life constantly evolves, changes, and asks us to adapt. Every setback, however, is also an opportunity, raw potential for a powerful growth experience. The secret, I believe, is to refuse to feel like a victim, and […]

This book just might change your life

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