Facebook or Fairyland?

If I had to define Facebook, I’d call it a platform of Fairyland Reality. My FB profile tells me that I have 3000+ Friends. Hmm… My photos show a rosy life with very little stress of any kind. My About section communicates a discriminatory story of a successful entrepreneur. Yes, it’s true, I achieved a […]

Bringing the exploration inside

I was always a curious kid, asking questions about everything. That curious nature is still there nowadays and it led me to explore many cultures and exotic countries: India, Indonesia, Peru, Nepal, Brazil, Costa Rica, and the list goes on and on. The more I explore outside, the more I am convinced that none of […]

Redefining Success

Recently, friend asked me how I’d define success in relation to my book launch. He wanted to hear numbers, results, targets. But I didn’t have the answer he was looking for. I simply stopped measuring success in terms of outcomes. That does not mean I don’t have goals and aspirations. I do. I’d love it […]

Choose Your Teachers Wisely

I met Zoe Taylor almost 2 weeks ago. I arrived to Lisbon and looked for a Yoga stuido to feel grounded. The minute I entered Zoe’s yoga studio I knew I had found my space. Zoe was so welcoming that I literally signed up to all of her weekday classes. Monday to Friday, each and […]

Peace is Already Here

I took off my shoes and started following my intuition. I could feel my feet on the earth as if I was a child again. I took another step and another, going down into a cave opening. The utter peace was disturbed only by my own breath and Being. I could feel the energy of […]


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