Creating space for the unknown

In my early travel days, I used to read about my destinations and fill my schedule with as much as I could. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to create space and leave room for the unknown, or, as I see it these days, to trust life and what it has in store for […]

When a setback happens

No one wants a setback in their life. But it’s bound to happen. There is no way around it. Life constantly evolves, changes, and asks us to adapt. Every setback, however, is also an opportunity, raw potential for a powerful growth experience. The secret, I believe, is to refuse to feel like a victim, and […]

Follow your inspiration at all times

Since my near-death experience early July, making decisions has become considerably simpler. The only rule I have: Follow inspiration at all times. This, as well as using my intuition and gut feelings, answers all my dilemmas – big or small: Where should go? how should I spent my time? What will I eat? Following inspiration […]

Letting go of future worries

I let go of worries about my future. About where I’ll be or what my future contribution should be. I focus my attention on what makes me feel light and abundant in the moment. I know the more I feel abundant, and notice it, the more abundance will naturally flow into my life. – Day […]

The best energy source is not food

Just had one of the most intense weeks of my life. In a good way. Between organizing a 3-day event and attending another 3-day event as a speaker, I have not had much sleep. Yet, I’m not really tired. On the contrary, I feel full of energy and life. We tend to think of food […]

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