Celebrating life with people we love.

We are social creatures. But this doesn’t just mean going out and socialize. It means cultivating friendships and relationships that truly matter. It means being part of a tribe that encourages, supports, and inspires each other to fully live. Feeling so fortunate today to have all these beautiful people around me. – Day 41 of […]

Showing up in life

I hear my name. It’s my turn to go on stage. I take one deep breath and start feeling aligned. I step forward and enjoy the feelings and sensations that occur within. I wait for nervousness to kick-in but it’s not there anymore. The fear nervousness left as quick as they came. Then, something I […]

500 people

Tomorrow, I’m going to give a keynote speech in front of 500 people at DNX, one of the biggest conferences for location independent entrepreneurs. It’s easy to see this as another bucket list item to tick. But the truth is that I did not ask for that. And there is a side in me that […]

Running away from my pain

When I got divorced a few years back, I found the world of Tinder. Each time I got a message, my heart tingled with anticipation. Tinder is merely a tool, and it can be quite a wonderful tool, but I used it to run a way from my pain. The pain of simply being with […]

The only thing we can control

There’s only one thing we can control in life. Yesterday, I gave a talk in one of the many coworking spaces here in Lisbon. One of the questions I was asked at the end of my talk, was what hasn’t worked for me. My answer: A LOT! In fact, if I were to make a […]

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