The Depth of Our Want

Sometimes it feels like life is testing us. Do we want what we want badly enough? A quick story from last week: Cars were never my thing, but one car has always caught my attention – The BMW Mini. So when my trip to Spain was finalized, I took the opportunity and reserved a Mini […]

The art of waiting

We often get the advice that in life we need to say more ‘yeses’ than ‘no’s’. But, sometimes a No is a better YES. Because every No is, in effect, a Yes to something else. So how do we decide? My rule: If it’s not HELL YES, it’s NOT YET. That is, I practice the […]

Stepping into our destiny

After my near-death snakebite experience, I promised myself I’ll follow my highest inspiration at all times. Which is how I found myself at Nomad Cruise journeying across Spain, Malta, Greece and the Mediterranean .Thanks Johannes Voelkner for inviting me to speak at your event. It was a blast and I highly recommend it to anyone […]

Love IS Life

I was always cynical about Valentine’s Day. It’s just a marketing ploy, right? But here’s the problem with being cynical: It’s a lose-lose situation. Cynicism always renders us passive. Today I say… Who cares? Valentine’s day may be a marketing ploy but it’s still a reminder to appreciate the loves in your life. So last […]


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