Less borders. More choice.

The world is currently undergoing a quiet revolution. A revolution I’ve been part of in the last decade or so. A revolution that, I believe, will radically shift the way we live and work. I’m talking about the Location Independent revolution and it challenges the old story most of us have been taught — that […]

Struggling is the result of resisting change.

Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. It’s going to find us one way or another. For years I had resisted change. I built a fixed identity and held onto the past. I searched for certainty in the uncertain. And I tried to control the uncontrollable. There was only one outcome to this: […]

Somewhere to belong

We all need community, somewhere to belong. When I was young I was conditioned to believe that I should belong to that country or this country. It took me time to realize that I belong not to a country, but to the world. Celebrating my event at one of the most breathtaking spots in Lisbon, […]

A Different Kind of Vision statements

VISION statements are not just for the business world. They can be powerful instruments for shaping our life. Unable to walk after my snakebite recent snake experience, I took the time to peel away layers of extra fluff and look more deeply into my own “souland”. For years, I wrote visions that are mostly future-oriented […]

Learning by doing

Taking this photo an hour before the kick-off event to our 3-day gathering I now belive that inspiration and passion are enough to oragnaize anything we put our mind to. When I was young I was taught to think about learning in terms of schools and books. While book-learning can expand one’s knowledge, i believe […]

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