The fear of asking for help

Publishing a book involves a lot of asking – “Will you buy my art?”, “Will you share?”, “Will you love me…??” I’ve never been good at asking for help. In my mind, it meant I’m dependent, intrusive, needy, weak… However, there comes a point in everyone’s life where the old story no longer rings true. […]

If you have not struggled, you have not really lived

Somehow, in our society, we’ve decided that struggling is the enemy. But if you’ve ever or embarked on a big and meaningful journey, you know that discomfort and pain are simply part of our growth. Struggling is not the enemy. Hopelessness is; When we feel hopeful about our journey ahead, when we move in a […]

Nothing external is good or bad

Nothing external to us is either good or bad – but just a tool that amplifies who we are. Fame, money, charisma – often get a bad rap but they are just tools. Will we use them for our own egotistical self self interest and pleasure…will we take advantage of others? OR, will we use […]

Advancing backwards

Seems that wherever you go these days, everyone is glued to their phone. I admit it, I’ve become dependent on my phone myself. Often, I’m so fixated on my device that I forget there is a whole world around me. And this is perhaps the greatest paradox of all: The more we advance technologically, the […]

We Hate What We Fear

Not long ago, I celebrated Yom Kippur, the holiest date on the Jewish calendar. Well, not really “celebrated” – I fasted for 24 hours, I refrained from work, I reflected. In the past, I hated the fact that one cannot drive, use public transportation, or dine out during the holiday. I saw it as religious […]


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