The first person you want to inspire is yourself

Inspiring others is great but the first person you want to inspire is yourself. Tomorrow, I’ll be hosting my first ever entrepreneurial event in Lisbon. ~40 entrepreneurs will come from around the world to attend it. This would be a small pre-event to a much larger 500-people event that happens next week and just thinking […]

The DNX Revolution – Interview with Marcus Meurer

What does success have to do with 6 pieces of T-shirts and strict morning routine? Who has this big vision of empowering people to live on their own terms? It’s Marcus Meurer, a Digital Nomad, online entrepreneur and one of the founders of the global Digital Nomad movement, DNX. The mission of DNX is to […]

Loneliness is not the result of being alone.

When we feel lonely our first inclination is to fill our life with people. While it can offer relief from loneliness in the short term, it can actually do the exact opposite. Why? Because by doing so we may be adding a layer to cover up a deep wound. This is something I did when […]

It’s all about the people around us.

There’s a saying in real estate: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. It’s an old yet true cliche. But when it comes to travel, I’d say it’s all about “PEOPLE. PEOPLE. PEOPLE”. Less than 48 hours in Lisbon and I absolutely love the place. Yes, it’s a beautiful historical city but there are many beautiful historical places across […]

Less stuff is more freedom.

You and I were programmed. We were programmed, in some form or fashion, to be consumers in a well-functioning system built for profit. We were all conditioned from an early age to desire more possessions and never be satisfied with what we have. We were told that we need to buy new clothes every season, […]

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