You never quite know the impact you have on others.

Around a year ago, I got a very short email from a guy named Tomas Laurinavicius, saying: “Thank you for an inspiring work you do. I just published my bucket list”. My response: “Brilliant Tomas. Thanks for letting me know, keep it up!” Little did I know how serious Tomas was and how impactful his […]

Courage – not fearlessness – is the way.

Courage – not fearlessness – is the way. In 2 weeks from now, I’m going to speak in front of 500 people at one of the biggest conferences for location independent entrepreneurs. Sounds cool but speaking on stage in front of a big audience can be intimidating. In fact, they say public speaking is the […]

Noticing Abundance

I let go of worries about my future. About where I’ll be or what my future contribution should be. I focus my attention on what makes me feel light and abundant in the moment. I know the more I feel abundant, and notice it, the more abundance will naturally flow into my life. – Day […]

Who is on your side?

Over the last decade, I’ve hired coaches and mentors for almost every big journey I’ve taken from Ironman Triathlon, to Surfing, to doing online business. And I myself have acted as a coach for others. A hero’s journey is often seen as an independent quest; in reality, however, it is a shared victory and the […]

Always abundant

For years, I fell into a routine of doing, doing, doing. Somehow, I forgot about the “being” part. Since my snakebite incident, I’m determined not to fall back into that trap and balance the doing with being. I now use reminders throughout the day to stop the doing for a bit and align to what’s […]

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