Want Everything. Need Nothing.

My to-do list for my upcoming book launch is never ending. There’s so much I can and want to do. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from my recent snakebite experience, it’s this: Want Everything. Need Nothing. Well almost nothing. In my time of crisis, when I was laying in the ER, breathing sporadically […]

You are the Ocean

When you become one with the ocean… you are the ocean. There’s nothing like the desert to experience a renewal of soul and spirit. I just spent three very nourishing days there. The endless sea of desert is like a giant mirror, reflecting dimensions of ourselves that are often hard to see in a busy […]

Sustained Happiness

The secret to sustained happiness is knowing you’re on your path. This brilliant photo was taken a few weeks ago in Bali. I was happy but my happiness was short-lived. I felt ungrounded and off my path. I lost confidence in my sense of direction and felt like I was going in circles. Once again, […]

The fear of asking for help

Publishing a book involves a lot of asking – “Will you buy my art?”, “Will you share?”, “Will you love me…??” I’ve never been good at asking for help. In my mind, it meant I’m dependent, intrusive, needy, weak… However, there comes a point in everyone’s life where the old story no longer rings true. […]

If you have not struggled, you have not really lived

Somehow, in our society, we’ve decided that struggling is the enemy. But if you’ve ever or embarked on a big and meaningful journey, you know that discomfort and pain are simply part of our growth. Struggling is not the enemy. Hopelessness is; When we feel hopeful about our journey ahead, when we move in a […]


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