One woman’s Midlife Crisis and her Search for a Meaningful Life

Barbara Weibel went through most of her working life with only one concern: making money to support a reliable lifestyle into retirement. The security of an income was enough for her to drag herself to work day after day, but it was not enough to sustain a life without purpose. One day, Barbara became so […]

Reinventing Your Life at Mid-Life

Are there things you want to do but feel you’re too old? It’s never too late to start living without regrets!   This was Jeannie Mark’s mid-life epiphany. She had attained all the benchmarks of adulthood — a college degree, a long-term relationship, a career commitment, financial security — but these investments did not add […]

Lessons from José Mujica’s, the Poorest President in the World

He may be “the poorest president in the world” by income, but Uruguay President José Mujica may also be the most popular world leader by virtue of his humility. Rather than set himself apart from the people, Mujica lives like one of them, residing in the same farmhouse as before he was elected to office. […]

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