3 Key Takeaways From Quiet

A tribute to the introverts among us, Susan Cain’s witty, well researched book tells the story of those who prefer to listen rather than speak. She makes the case that introverts are often overlooked compared to extroverts in the dominant culture. She delves into their psyche and unique strengths so introverts and extroverts alike can […]

4 Key Takeaways From The Lean Startup

Eric Ries, an entrepreneur and business blogger enlightens entrepreneurs looking for an edge in their business, by revealing his method for creating a business that will stand the test of time. His method, of staying small enables businesses to be more agile, ultimately making them more adaptable to change. He reveals how startups can make […]

4 Key Takeaways From The Power of Habit

New York Times business reporter, Charles Duhigg examines what habits are, their importance and how to change them so anyone can change their life or business. He explains why some people and companies are able to change their habits, when others cannot. He marries science and storytelling to demonstrate how in every aspect of society […]

4 Key Takeaways From Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself is an accessible, compassionate scientific answer for anyone who has ever wondered if they are genetically doomed to repeat their mistakes. Dr. Joe Dispenza uses scientific research to show anyone that they can reprogram their brain to better serve them. Real life examples and cutting edge science are woven […]

3 Key Takeaways From Waking Up

Neuroscientist, philosopher Sam Harris discusses psychedelics, the illusion of self and meditation as a rationale, scientific approach to spirituality. Those desiring spirituality without the dogma of religion as well as those curious about the inner workings of the mind will enjoy this book that explores the influence science has on spirituality. Modern neuroscience is interlaced […]


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