6 Key Takeaways from Dare to Lead

Brené Brown’s book, Dare to Lead, challenges conventional wisdom by looking at how the most courageous yet successful leaders feel, behave, and think so that you too can become a daring yet effective leader simply by engaging your heart and mind. Forget about status and power games, instead, look to your values and emotions, and […]

7 Key Takeaways from Carrots and Sticks

Does using consequences always work? Do imposed fines, for example, always deter bad behavior? Not really. Take littering for example, despite city governments handing out fines to people who are caught littering, people still throw their trash in the street. So, if consequences don’t always work, what does? The problem is that us humans will […]

4 Key Takeaways from Antifragile

Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb uses a systems thinking approach to understand the world, through the lense of fragile and anti-fragile traits. He argues the key to resilience is embracing volatility, being adaptable, learning from mistakes, and having a plan for adversity or uncertainty. These traits are critical components of an anti-fragile system, whether that […]

4 Key Takeaways From 12 Rules For Life

12 Rules of Life answers life’s most discombobulating questions. Peterson draws from scientific evidence, as well as old myths and stories, to deliver his 12 rules for life to you. He transforms complex, confusing ideas into an easy, enjoyable read. The book focuses on the responsibility you have as an individual, and the hand ancient […]

My Takeaway From Can’t Hurt Me

“Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins is a must-read for anyone who loves to root for the underdog. David tells his story of how hard work and determination allowed him to transform his life from one of poverty, depression, underachievement, and ill health into a career as a world-class personal trainer and elite athlete. David […]


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