4 Key Takeaways From Getting Things Done

Productivity consultant David Allen presents his work-life management system to help anyone maximize their accomplishments while minimizing their stress. His simple but effective “Get Things Done” method helps anyone feel more relaxed by creating an external to-do list then breaking those items into smaller action steps. The benefits of this method are more clarity, focus, […]

3 Key Takeaways From Loving What Is

Byron Katie offers 4 questions for anyone looking to feel more in control of their life. In her view, stress is caused by our reaction to events, rather than the events themselves, therefore the best course of action is to focus on what you can control and better understanding your own emotions. “Loving What Is” […]

4 Key Takeaways From Sapiens

Anyone who has ever wondered why humans have managed to dominate the planet will enjoy this scientific account of human history. Harari explains in great detail the genetic and psychological traits that were most valuable to humans to be able to conquer other human species and non-human species. Readers will marvel at the ingenuity of […]

Key Takeaways From The 5 Second Rule

Motivational speaker and CNN host Mel Robbins reveals the small simple hack which can create big, lasting changes in life, if applied consistently. Her approach to crushing procrastination and decision fatigue aptly named the 5-second rule, instructs anyone who is about to make a decision they will regret to count down backward from 5 seconds, […]

Key Takeaways From The 48 Laws of Power

This controversial, ruthless tactical playbook for getting what you want is a best seller for a reason. Everyone wants the skinny on obtaining power. Greene instructs his readers on how to outsmart the competition, win the approval of others and take control using lessons from history. He dissects the psychology of his strategies, so anyone […]


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