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Flight mode on the ground.

I love flying. Even the long 10+ hours flights. Even the screaming kids. I know, weird. But that’s me. There are many reasons why I like flying but a big one is that it kind of forces me to be with myself. To switch my mobile into flight mode and unplug. Yesterday, while flying across […]

Disconnected to be connected.

Yesterday was my last day in the Canary Islands and I spent most of it in nature, in the mountains and the desert lands. There are many great things about the mountains of Gran Canaria, but for me, one thing stood out: The non-existent internet access. The more I travel, the more i realize the […]

Surrendering the “Plan” and following the flow.

Sometimes you travel to a place for one reason, but find the real reason along the path. When I decided to travel to Gran Canaria, the official reason was a conference. But something bigger pulled me here and only now, one day before I leave the island, I finally know why. My mind could not […]

Being positive about feeling negative

All I wanted yesterday was to get out to nature and explore the island with friends. Then again life had its own plans. My lower back was so sore from surfing that I could barely move around. At night, I could not fall asleep due to the pain I was in. Needless to say I […]

1 or 2?

I arrived to the beautiful Canary Islands after giving a Keynote speech in Portugal at DNX, the world’s largest conference for location independent entrepreneurs. This was my biggest speaking engagement to date, with 500 people attending the event and speakers like Pat Flynn showcasing their work. Needless to say, it was a blast! Now here […]

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