Surrendering the “Plan” and following the flow.

Sometimes you travel to a place for one reason, but find the real reason along the path.

When I decided to travel to Gran Canaria, the official reason was a conference. But something bigger pulled me here and only now, one day before I leave the island, I finally know why.

My mind could not have planned this in advance. No way I could have known I would meet certain individuals who would literally emerge from nowhere and guide me in a more powerful direction.

This, I believe, is where intuition comes into place. The whole body, not just the mind, plays a role in making decisions.

If, in the past, I regularly followed my plans like a good soldier, these days I follow my flow.

With interruptions, of course 🙂

The constant sense of uncertainty keeps challenging my commitment for flow. Could I trust my intuition completely?

My mind wants to say no. It feels tricked and refuses to fully flow with life.

Deep down, however, I know: intuition has to lead mind, not the other way around.

Despite my mind’s occasional fear, I keep surrendering the "Plan" and follow my flow.

Day 55 of my 100 Days Of Sharing

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