Don’t take creativity too seriously

I often get asked how I stay creative. The answer is, I don't “stay creative". Creativity is not something I can force.

What I do is quite simple, I prioritize time with myself and then I get out of my own way.

That's it.

Even though what I do sounds quite simple, it's not always easy.

Getting out of one's own way can be challenging. It implies putting aside the fears, the doubts, the ego, the ambition, and the attachment for certain outcomes.

As a matter of fact, the need to achieve certain outcomes is enough to halt us in our creative tracks.

So don't even try... The next time a creative idea strikes you, don't dismiss it. Don't let your inner voice whisper that you're not good enough or that this is a waste of time. PLAY with it anyway and see what happens.

Here's my point:

You don't have to take creativity seriously.

Creativity doesn't mean you have to become an "artist".
It doesn't need to take over from your day job.
You don't need to be good at it.
You don't need to have exhibitions.
You don't need to earn money from it.
to ENJOY it.

Being creative means doing something that you truly enjoy, that brings you aliveness.

It's never too late to try something new, something that sparks your curiosity, just be sure not to let fear hold you back from trying it and continuing, your fears should coexist with your creativity.

As Elizabeth Gilbert put it: live a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear... Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy.

Enough said. .

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