Design Your Dream Year

Do you spend more time planning your birthday than you do designing your life?

If you’re like most people, you drift through each day, overcommitted and over-scheduled, settling for whatever comes your way. Rather than spending time doing what you really want, your dreams remain buried in your head.

I believe we both know it takes more than thinking about your dream and telling yourself you’re really (truly, I swear) going to go for it, to make it happen.

So, what does it take? I can show you, in four steps - it’s not rocket sceinece.

Tal-Gur-SmallUsing my 4-step system, I paid off more than $30,000 of debt in less than a year, smoked my last Marlboro, and finished an Ironman Triathlon.. And, when a landslide destroyed villagers’ homes in Peru, I applied the same process to raise money and help rebuild one family’s house, with no prior construction experience.

Tal Gur TravelPerhaps most importantly, this system helped me spend nearly four years traveling the world without ever needing to wear a shirt and tie, or, set foot in an office, again.

Needless to say, this process works, and because of this, I've decided to share it with others as well. In just over 30 pages, I can show you how to Design Your Dream Year.

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I downloaded your book on achieving dreams.. Must appreciate that your suggested methods sound more practical and doable than most others..

Your way of approaching goals seemed much more pragmatic than other programs that I’ve looked into... I’m spending time answering some of your questions and they are helpful.

I have read your e-book (it’s fantastic!!!)… You ask great questions and you write in a thoughtful, beautiful and moving way


DYDYDesign Your Dream Year will help you:

- Decide what you want.
- Figure out what you need to do to get what you want.
- Keep track of your progress.
- Stay focused on the big picture.
- Create habits you actually like doing.

Most importantly, you'll learn the four, easy steps that will help you get what you want t for the rest of your life.

So, If you are truly serious about making your dreams come true this year, take action and download the eBook for FREE.

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I'm inspired by Tal Gur and his Free E-book "DESIGN YOUR DREAM YEAR" which I read on 1st Jan. I owe this man for he brought me back on track. I had kinda given up on my ability to stick to goals.

...I was stuck the past few weeks and didn't have the drive but when I saw your formula and the way you clearly defined your goals, I was so delighted. I then compiled a list of my own goals and have set deadlines and pasted them on my walls. Thank you!

Thank you for the "Design your dream year" goal setting workbook, I have struggled for 2 years with being able to focus on what i really WANT and to commit it to paper, but with help from your workbook i am beginning to really think about what has held me back from making my Network Marketing business a success. The workbook has me breaking down the dream into small action steps i have to take (writing a prospect list, make calls per day, set appointments to show the plan, get customers, etc). I am still working on all the above, just wanted to say thanks!

The Dream Year ebook has helped me to start writing down what I would like to achieve... A big step for me so will be using your guide to act as an action plan for myself.

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