Transformational Creators

This page spotlights some of the most inspiring and mission-driven people I know today - transformational creators, authors and thought leaders who initiate things that matter, who make a positive impact, and who are conscious about the world they create.

Tia Sparkles -  Are you a person with multiple passions and you can’t seem stay focused on any one thing for very long? Tia Sparkles believes that some people are just meant to be [...]
--> Combining Multiple Passions into One Fulfilling Journey

Mike “Ambassador” Bruny -  How important are social skills in the world of business? Networking has been a buzz phrase for some time now, but can such skills really take you from nowhere to [...]
--> Leveraging the Power of Social Skills

Dotan Negrin -  I am willing to bet you never thought about taking $2, your dog, and upright piano on a road trip that would last 31 days and take you to 11 cities! Well, that is [...]
--> From New York to Panama – Travelling Across America with a Piano on Wheels

Nathan Agin -  How do you define healthy living? For Nathan Agin, healthy is more than just the results of a blood test; according to Agin, “[healthy living] is living by what you [...]
--> Healthy Living while Travelling

Bridget Pilloud -  Are you ready for a life-shift? Bridget Pilloud went from stuck and out of balance - overworking, terrible relationship, and stressed out to the max - to being [...]
--> How to Make a Major Life-Changing Shift from Stuck to Unstoppable

Roger Lee -  Roger Lee is one of the most passionate young entrepreneurs I've met in a very long time. Roger has been dreaming about his own dance company for as long as he can [...]
--> From Dream to Business: A Young Man’s Journey to Start a Dance Company

Chantelle Baxter -  Chantelle Baxter may only be in her late twenties, but she is a force to be reckoned with. Just five years ago she was a self-described party girl deep into shopping and [...]
--> From Party Girl to Successful Advocate for African Girls

Jill Salzman -  If you take the word entrepreneur and put it on steroids, you would get Jill Salzman. Already on her third successful entrepreneurial business, Jill is an inspiration to [...]
--> Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur while Being a Full-time Mom

Alexis Grant -  Alexis Grant left her full-time journalism job to travel West Africa. Through this experience, she learned about traveling alone as a woman, and even more importantly, [...]
--> From Full-Time Journalist to Entrepreneurial Writer

Jeremy Foster -  Have you ever thought of just packing a bag and getting on the next flight out of town? Jeremy Foster quit his job, sold his possessions, packed a backpack, took all his [...]
--> Leaving Everything Behind to Travel the World

Amy Scott -  Amy Scott once worked an unsatisfying 9-to-5 job in an office, but while she worked, she dreamed of working on her own and traveling the world. A lot of the people [...]
--> Transforming from the Conventional to the Unconventional: Living a Location-Independent Life

Satya Colombo -  Satya Colombo is a certified breathwork healer, web consultant, explorer, surfer and ukulele aficionado. If that sounds like a somewhat eclectic mix of expertise and [...]
--> Igniting the Fire of the Heart Into the New Year

Zach Luczynski -  At a very young age we are encouraged to pick a career. Most college students who graduate without a clear career path and a job lined up usually get nervous. Zach [...]
--> From Uni Student to Serial Entrepreneur – Building a Career in Entrepreneurship

Hannah Loaring -  Hannah’s incredible journey began in November of 2010, when she finally decided to tackle the debt she had been ignoring and contributing to for most of her adult [...]
--> From Living in Debt to Living the Dream

Kyle Willets -  Armed with a graduate and a doctoral degree, Kyle Willets, began her career in Physical Therapy and has now since branched out beyond the walls of Western Medicine and [...]
--> Cooking Up Energy – How to Boost Your Energy Through Healthy Eating

Gavin Aung -  Tired of his boring 9 to 5 job in the corporate world, Gavin Aung Than broke free and pursued his dream to find a more fulfilling way to make a living. He quit his job, [...]
--> Zen Pencils: From Scratch to Online Success in 9 Months

Raam Dev -  Not very many people enthusiastically embrace living on a minimalist budget, at least not intentionally. Raam Dev did! But he is not like most people. At 28 years old, [...]
--> Exploring the World, Life, and Self as a Digital Nomad

Shanna Trenholm -  Shanna Trenholm has never eaten an omelet, a lobster, or sushi. Despite missing out on those essential human experiences, she has managed to become, by all accounts, an [...]
--> Writers Helping Writers: A writer’s Journey to Support Another

Joe Bauer -  Passionate about health, personal improvement and physical challenges, Joe Bauer spent over a decade coaching others into peak fitness. Then one day, he stopped. Joe [...]
--> The Road To Being Seriously Fit: Kick yourself into Peak Fitness

John Bardos -  Visions of famous people exploring fabulous foreign places fill the mind with longings and daydreams. Those visions are far from the reality of real life, except perhaps [...]
--> Becoming a Jet-Set Citizen: Living and Working from Anywhere in the World

Dave Robbo -  Do you want to get out and exercise but are frightened off by the cool people with all the expensive gear? Does your lack of knowledge about running make you too [...]
--> The Movement about more Movement – How to Make Running more FUN

Bill Fox -  Have you ever stopped and really reflected on who you are, what you want in life, what your strengths are, and how to get from where you are today to where you want to [...]
--> Finding Big Picture Solutions from a Higher Perspective

Gregory Berg -  As the producer, host and artist behind Enso Photography, Enso Creative and Radio Enso, Gregory Berg encourages people to pursue their passions and adopt a conscious [...]
--> Living More Consciously Through Nurturing your Creativity

Noah & Anne Van Loen -  Fulfilling many years of intent and planning, Noah Van Loen, his wife Anne, their 12-year old son Alex and their 10-year-old daughter Leah recently embarked on a one [...]
--> How to Take a Year Off and Travel Around the World with Children

Darlene Hildebrandt -  There are times when we’d love to take the photo that sums it all up. Sometimes we do – but usually by accident. How can we learn to take great photos more often, [...]
--> Using Photography to Express your Creativity

Karen Talavera -  A few years ago, Karen Talavera left a stereotypical life and career path for self-employment and an unexpected journey into spiritual exploration. What started as a [...]
--> From Mainstream Life to Spiritual Awakening: Learn How to Kick-start your Spiritual Exploration

Gail Mooney -  Gail Mooney has her eye on the world. As a photographer and video master, she is capturing this moment in history through the people and their stories. Working under the [...]
--> Making a Difference with Photography, Film, and Story Telling

Leo Babauta is nothing short of an enigma. The author of several best selling chart-toppers and the founder of three uber popular websites, Babauta is best known for his [...]
--> Leo Babauta Story

The phrase “nothing is impossible,” in all its variations, has become a fancy statement, with its various avatars gracing desktop backgrounds, sports equipment, [...]
--> Ray Zahab Story

Scott Dinsmor is the guy you run to if you need someone to slap you out of your stupor (figuratively speaking) and motivate you to take a leap of faith. If you are a [...]
--> Living Your Legend: Scott Dinsmore’s Inspiring Story

Hurricanes, whirlpools, the Bermuda Triangle and debt traps are among the few things that must be avoided like the plague. If you are feeling boxed in by debts piling up [...]
--> Adam Baker Story

To keep yourself abreast of the developments in the sphere of your choice is one thing, and spotting market potential in an emerging idea is quite another. Topping both [...]
--> Matt Mickiewicz Story

Carrie Hensley -  Do you live authentically? Are you in touch with your true self? Have you somehow placed a ceiling on your own potential without even realizing it? These questions and [...]
--> Finding Fulfillment through Yoga and Mindfulness

Rob White -  Rob White was born and raised in a small mill town where pessimism and aggrieved resignation reigned supreme. It wasn’t until his mother gave him a copy of Dale [...]
--> Making Your Life A Blessing

Cherie Ve Ard & Chris Dunphy -  Modern technology helps us from time to time to perform our daily tasks more easily, but for "technomads" Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard, there's no limit to the [...]
--> How to Become a Technology Enabled Nomad

Sara Tetreault -  Sara Tetreault has discovered the beautiful secret of frugal living, freeing her family from financial stress, and enabling them to live stylishly yet simply. She has [...]
--> Saving Money In Style: How to Thrive on Frugality

Dave Dean & Dustin Main -  Have you ever dreamed of travelling around the world but thought, “But I have to go to work”? Well that didn’t stop Dave Dean and Dustin Main from fulfilling their [...]
--> Leveraging your Travel Experience through Technology

Chris 'Aussie on the Road' -  Many of us harbor dreams of traveling the world in search of new experiences and adventures but Chris a 28 year old from Australia has made it his mission in life. In [...]
--> Paid To Travel: Teaching English Around the World

Meg Rulli -  One half of a perfectly matched pair, Meg Rulli is always on the move, passionate about about travelling and embracing everything that life throws at her. Together with [...]
--> Making World Travel a Reality, Not Just a Dream

Joshua Waldman -    Has the economic downturn played havoc with your job applications? Is your confidence eroding away as you unsuccessfully pursue job after job? Joshua Waldman has [...]
--> How to Leverage Social Media for Job Seeking

Jeet Banerjee -  An entrepreneur since the age of 17, Jeet Banerjee has already successfully started up two different businesses and he’s only 19 years-old. Jeet is a college student [...]
--> Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur Starting in High School

Cathy Taughinbaugh -  Over the last few years, Cathy Taughinbaugh has helped her daughter through a tough road out of drug addiction. As a parent, Cathy had to learn how to be there for her [...]
--> Breaking Your Addiction – Lessons from a Mother of a Drug Addict

Alex Gierus -  Bogusia & Alex Gierus are a thirty-something couple with four boys and two dogs who maintain two very active websites: their family blog, and [...]
--> How to Thrive in Raising Children & Why you Should Avoid (Some) Traditional Parenting Advices

Vishnu -  If life’s kicking you down and you're wondering about how to have a sense of spirituality in your life, you'll want to read this interview. Vishnu has dedicated his [...]
--> How to Make Spirituality Relevant in your Life

Kyle Wood -  Kyle Wood was looking for some workout ideas when he was inspired to start a website about bootcamp workouts and exercises. His desire to share information with others [...]
--> Getting Fit Through Bootcamp Workouts

Conni Biesalski -  Imagine living a life where no place is really called “home”, traveling the world and seeing new things all the time. Since the age of 15, Conni Biesalski has done [...]
--> Embracing the Nomadic Life – How to Achieve Freedom Through Unconventional Living

Melissa Anzman -  After spending over a decade in Corporate America, climbing the traditional ladder and making her way up to a six-figure income, Melissa Anzman decided to call it quits [...]
--> How to Fall In Love with Your Job All Over Again

Some of life’s lessons are learned over a short period of time through reading and talking to different people with experience. Other life lessons are learned in a [...]
--> Losing Weight The Smart Way – Interview With Stefan Nilsson

Sarah OLeary -  Many women arrive at the midlife years and begin to worry about the way they look and the things they've accomplished in life. Sarah OLeary has made it her mission to [...]
--> From Midlife Crisis to Rock Solid Wellness – How to Thrive Through the Middle of Life

Aulia Halimatussadiah -  Aulia Halimatussadiah, a.k.a. Ollie, calls herself a techpreneur. Armed with a degree in informational technology, Ollie dove into the world of entrepreneurship and [...]
--> Becoming a Successful Female Techpreneur

Joe Johnson -  Food, glorious food! Joe Johnson, a holistic health coach, learned how to improve his health by eating well. Through tackling his own health problems, Joe learned how [...]
--> How to Radically Change Your Life by Changing What You Eat

Alan gave up his successful “city life” and moved with his wife and two children out into the country. They simplified their lives and downsized their home so that [...]
--> How to Design a Better Life for Yourself

A gypsetter, DJ Yabis lives in a different country every few years. In addition, he spends much of his time traveling around the world. Recently, he has travelled to [...]
--> Travelling the Gypsetter Way – How To Travel the Road Less Traveled

Gary Shouldis -  A New York City fire Captain turned Internet Marketer and Blogger, Gary Shouldis left the risky world of fighting fires to embrace the just-as-risky-world of owning an [...]
--> From Fighting Fire to Igniting an Online Business

Greg Strosaker, a runner, a blogger and a family man, somehow manages to add hours into his day that the rest of us wish we had but cannot seem to find. He gets up very [...]
--> Becoming a Competitive Runner While Juggling Life’s Many Roles

Eugene Farber left the world of accounting and started working as an Internet Entrepreneur. He took his analytical skills and applied them to starting up his own [...]
--> Becoming a Content Marketing Expert – Interview with Eugene Farber

Anshul Dayal -  If you are ready to take the plunge into the multi-million dollar industry of Internet marketing, Anshul Dayal, the CEO of NicheSense, is the man to contact. Anshul is [...]
--> The Online Niche Marketing Expert – Interview with Anshul Dayal

Lola DiMarco -  World traveler, Lola DiMarco, has been able to fulfill her many dreams and reach her goals as a published travel writer. She has written for various travel websites such [...]
--> Where in the World is Lola? – Interview with World Traveler, Lola DiMarco

Lindsay Hunt -  Lindsay Hunt left her life occupying cubicles in the corporate world, moved back in with her parents and spent her energy building an online business while maintaining a [...]
--> Escaping the cubicle world to create a life of significance

Scott Mackes -  After receiving an average performance rating at his job, Scott Mackes, founder of Margin of Excellence, decided to take control of his life by learning how to take on a [...]
--> Becoming a Beacon of Excellence – Interview with Scott Mackes

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