Transformational Creators

This page spotlights some of the most inspiring and mission-driven people I know today - transformational creators, authors and thought leaders who initiate things that matter, who make a positive impact, and who are conscious about the world they create.

Consider this: 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will face cancer at some point of their life. For me, these stats are too overwhelming to be ignored. One woman decided to do [...]
--> Traveling Solo by Bicycle to Help Cancer Survivors – Interview with Vicky Lynn

Getting clear about what you want in life, and more importantly, finding the willpower and motivation to pursue it, can be extremely challenging. That’s where people [...]
--> Helping Others' Dreams Come True – Interview with Bex Grennan

Dan Johnson has not always been an artist. Until quite recently he was a web designer who painted for a hobby in his ‘spare time’. Then one day he woke up and [...]
--> Ditching the 9-to-5 to Become an Artist – Interview with Dan Johnson

Emma gray lives her dreams of travelling around the world. However, she's not the typical backpacker that you would normally read in travel blogs. She's a regular person [...]
--> World Travel in between Semesters – Interview with Emma Gray

Terry Starbucker -  Have you started a business but feel like it could be better? Terry is the mastermind behind SOBCon Conferences now in its seventh year. The conferences give business [...]
--> Businesses Through Leadership – Interview with Terry Starbucker

After spending years in a boring office job, James Clark realized he’s had enough and took up a working holiday visa to the UK in 1999. He soon discovered his two [...]
--> James Clark Interview – Lessons From a Digital Nomad Pioneer

Love and relationships are at the core of our lives. Creating meaningful relationships is essential to our well being and happiness, yet so often, we struggle to make [...]
--> From Introvert to Social Butterfly – Interview with Chris Manak

It may be hard to believe, but only a few years ago Matt Callaghan could barely run 2 Kilometers. These year Matt is training for 10 Marathons and 3 Ultramarathons - One [...]
--> 10 Marathons and 3 Ultramarathons in 1 year – Learn How Matt Callaghan Does It

This post has not been written to encourage you to do an Ironman triathlon, but rather to encourage you to believe that anything is possible if you open yourself up to [...]
--> From Normal Guy to an Ironman Triathlete – Interview with Eric Teplitz

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