3 Key Takeaways From A New Earth

Spirituality guru, Eckhart Tolle enlightens his readers about the cost of allowing ego to dominate one’s life. He shares how to liberate oneself from that limiting mindset to transcend into a new state of consciousness. He points out how protecting the ego leads to preventable suffering around the world, to inspire a new wave of collective consciousness.

My key Takeaways from "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle

Takeaway #1 Stop Identifying With Your Ego

Your ego wants you to fail, it wants you to feel small, and encourages you to feel depressed and sad.

Eckhart Tolle tells us that the ego is so good at what it does that it tricks us into thinking that knowing ourselves is the same as knowing about ourselves. In today's ego-fed world we believe that who we are is defined by our background, achievements, and belongings.

To let go of the ego you have to recognise the stream of thought and consciousness that focuses on 'I' (I'm so fat. I'm so bad with money. My life is awful. I always attract bad relationships. Why did I do that, I'm so stupid!) – and let go of it as fast as possible but with the ego fuelling your discomforting, suffering, and anxiety it's not as easy comfort zone to break free of.

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it.”

The answer is in finding your life's two goals, your outer purpose, and your inner purpose and returning to the present moment as soon as possible after a negative incident.

Takeaway #2 Accept Your Life As It Is Right Now

No more wishing, hoping, dreaming, and planning that 'one day' things will get better, that 'one day' you'll have more money, that 'one day' you'll meet your dream partner, that 'one day' you'll leave the job that you hate.

Accept your life as it is right now and enjoy what you already have. If you cannot accept and enjoy, then at least be at peace with the here and now no matter what is going on – Life is a journey and this too shall pass are wonderful statements to remember.

Remember that you always have control over your state of mind, you can choose if to make something good or bad. When you truly accept and enjoy your life as it is in the present moment, the pressures of daily life will fade to leave you feeling more at peace.

Takeaway #3 Uncover Your Inner Purpose

When people talk about finding their purpose or goal in life they talk about it in the singular sense. But we actually have two purposes to fill in order to be fulfilled; the inner purpose and the outer purpose.

Achieving inner purpose is the more difficult one to master. It's the consciousness that separates thought from awareness allowing us to be fully present without thought or ego getting in the way.

Our outer purpose might be to 'make more money', 'get a promotion' 'help those in need' or 'raise happy healthy kids'. Our outer purpose is always subject to change though, whether we realise it or not. Take people who list their kids as their life purpose – What happens when those kids grow up and leave home?

You also have to be careful that the outer purpose doesn't create a false inner purpose – A charity worker will likely be seen as having a strong and positive life purpose but when done for the wrong reasons such as to feel worthy, the inner purpose is being missed and the ego is being stroked.

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