5 Key Takeaways From Tribes

It is human nature to create tribes, be they interest based, political, based on a shared set of values. Humans are a social species that thrives when organized together around a common desire. All tribes need a leader, to galvanize it’s members. Entrepreneurs, leaders or anyone wishing to have a strong positive impact in the world, needs a strong tribe behind them. “Tribes” explains the historical and psychological importance of tribes, as well as how to create a strong, unified tribe brought together through the power of the internet.

My key Takeaways from “Tribes" by Seth Godin

Takeaway #1 Take The Lead

To be a leader you can't be afraid to question the norm, step outside of the box and face change head on. You have to sit up, stand up, and let your voice be heard even if no one around you supports you or believes in you at first. Unfortunately the education system along with society as a whole breeds a lot more sheep rather than it does leaders but if you let your voice be heard and believe in your story and mission, you will find your tribe and from there, great things can happen as you break into new territory and eventually help change the world.

Takeaway #2 You Cannot Be Everything To Everyone

You have to build your tribe of followers carefully. No longer does the marketing mantra of “reach as many people as possible” stand true if you want to create a brand that has meaning, though many companies still don't realise this and continue to pump out products and content for the masses. Most people are no longer content with off-the-shelf ideas, they want to get behind a powerful cause with a meaningful story that they can connect with and introduce to their like-minded friends.

Takeaway #3 Build It & They Will Come

Providing you have the will to lead and a meaningful cause to promote, you only need approximately 1,000 people in order to create a tribe that continues to flourish and move forward. To create a successful movement you must tap into something that people already yearn for, not something that you think they'll want in the future. As a leader your focus needs to be on creating a meaningful story that others want to follow and share, it cannot be about money.

Takeaway #4 Bigger Is Not Better

Most leaders fall into the trap of believing that the more people they have in their tribe, the better and stronger it will become but that's not necessarily true, particularly when just starting out. You need quality tribe members, people who will communicate with other members of the tribe and also introduce their like-minded friends to your cause. You can often strengthen a tribe by creating a feeling of insiders vs outsiders.

Takeaway #5 Communication Is Still Key

Communication has always been key but no longer can it be just between you and them i.e the shopkeeper and the shopper. In today's world, tribe members want to be able to interact with you as well as each other. Social media allows you the space to align your tribe with the common goal whilst still having some ground rules in place.

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