3 Key Takeaways From Letting Go

Psychiatrist, David R. Hawkins shares a technique he has used in his practice to help patients release themselves from what is holding them back in life. This technique can be used to remove doubt, fear, anger to access more creativity, joy, love or contentment for the participant. This technique can be used in every day life by anyone from all walks of life looking for healing, or a more fulfilling life.

My key Takeaways fromHere are my key Takeaways from “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender" by David R. Hawkins

Takeaway #1 Your Emotions Can Be Measured

There are different levels of consciousness and emotion that are determined by what you think and feel. In David Hawkins' Map of Consciousness, he explains that emotions are measured on a logarithmic scale from 1-1000. Love calibrates at 500, courage at 200, fear at 100, and shame at 20. Each level has a different vibration that can be felt subconsciously by others around you and that affects everything you do, in a nutshell, like attracts like. You are bringing lack or abundance into your life, joy or anxiety and your vibration level subconsciously affects how other people perceive you.

Everyone has an average level of consciousness that they reside, many existing in a painful emotional state with the average person only raising their awareness level by 5 points in their lifetime unless they focus on spiritual growth or have a near death experience. By living from your spirit and letting go you will naturally move up the consciousness scale leaving shame worry, and fear behind and moving towards more peace, joy, and ultimately love and enlightenment.

Takeaway #2 Finding The Life Lesson

Healing from unpleasant, painful events can be much easier to deal with if we focus on finding the life lesson in the experience. Our subconscious knows that there is a lesson to be learned by every painful event such as a death in the family, the breakdown of a marriage, or the loss of a job but we normally resist learning it. If we accept and recognize that life events, no matter how difficult, are opportunities rather than challenges we can feel much happier.

Takeaway #3 Letting Go

Negative emotions should not be feared, ignored, hidden, condemned nor vented. Letting go means dropping the judgment and observing those negative feelings for what they are; just a feeling, letting them run their natural course and then releasing the negative energy. Anger is at a higher level than apathy due to anger making you feel energized, it means you're moving up the scale of consciousness but isn't vibrational state to stay in for too long, feel the anger and then let it go to make room for a lighter feeling of willingness or patience, compassion, or surrender.

Letting go, being surrendered means feeling that nothing needs to be changed, everything is perfect as it is. It means having no strong emotion about a thing – It's ok if it happens, and it's ok if it doesn't happen. It means letting go of attachments, enjoying something but not needing it for continued happiness. There are no power struggles to be right, no points to be proven, and no judgment, life flows effortlessly. By continuing to practice surrender unconditional love can eventually be reached, something that only occurs on .04% of the population.

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