6 Key Takeaways From The Code of the Extraordinary Mind

This book uses 10 rules to create a paradigm shift that will elevate readers to new heights in their lives. Personal stories are the backbone of this self help Bible, guiding readers to look within to design the life they desire. Lakhiani’s teaches his audience how to redefine the their lives, by examining their personal criteria for success, so they can begin to live a life they never dreamed was possible.

My key Takeaways from “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind - 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed on Your Own Terms" by Vishen Lakhiani

Takeaway #1 Standing Out From The Ordinary Is Good

From childhood we're told how to behave and how to think, then comes peer pressure and fitting in with society which tries to determine how we look and how we live from the number of kids we should have to our marital status, job status, income, home, and personal life. If you're already 'outside of the norm' it means that you're on your way to being extraordinary, continue to transcend the culturescape, don't worry about standing out from the crowd, it's a great thing, not a bad thing!

Takeaway #2 Question The Brules

What's a brule? It's a bullshit rule! These are outdated rules that we follow blindly because we've been told to, sometimes for generations, but that hinder us from following our dreams. Education is a great example, we're told that in order to be successful, to get a well-paying job, we need a University education. Is it true? No, just look at what Steve Jobs created, Richard Branson, Alan Sugar, and many more.

Takeaway #3 Upgrading Your Mind

When it comes to technology you probably update regularly to get the new features, can the same be said of your mind? Consciousness engineering, updating the hardware and software of your mind is required if you seek an extraordinary life. In this case, the hardware is your idea of reality aka your beliefs and the software is your system for living, it includes your habits which determine how well you utilize the software.

Think of your systems for living like apps, they are designed to either solve problems or achieve goals. If an app stops working you update it or replace it for something better. How do you update an app inside of you? Through discovery – Reading, watching, asking others for recommendations etc. Extraordinary people know that they must optimize each of their systems regularly including fitness, spirituality, finances etc and then measure how effective the updated system is. Once upgrades have been carried out, you can start re-coding your mind.

Takeaway #4 Bending Reality

Your happiness needs to be top priority. You might be working to achieve a goal that you think will make you happy next month or next year but whilst still keeping hold of that goal (which might be making you feel stressed at the moment), you need to be sure you're having fun, feeling joy, and being happy right now in this present moment.

Takeaway #5 Blissiplining Yourself

You have probably experienced short bursts of bliss but hit a lot when they go again, you'll be pleased to know that when you have an extraordinary mind that feeling of bliss can be made to last longer but you must discipline yourself to feel it aka blissipline yourself! Feeling blissful starts with feeling grateful so don't skip the gratitude practice.

Takeaway #6 Embracing The Journey To An Extraordinary Life

Goals are important but don't confuse mean goals with end goals. A mean goal is something that society believes we should have to be happy I.e kids, a partner, a large home, a good job. An end goal is something that makes you feel happy, fulfilled, and satisfied, it could be the freedom to travel whenever you want, seeing your novel printed, watching your kids discover their passion. Extraordinary people don't look to the outside world to find the motivation to follow their dreams and reach their goals, they depend on themselves and nothing and no one can stop them on their quest for greatness.

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