3 Key Takeaways From The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect teaches those looking for a radical overhaul of their life how to get on top of their finances by choosing to hold themselves accountable for everything that happens to them. Hardy teaches readers how to take control of their life with small steps every day. After reading “The Compound Effect” anyone will be inspired to ditch their excuses so they can execute.

My key Takeaways from “The Compound Effect: Jumpstart Your Income, Your Life, Your Success" by Darren Hardy:

Takeaway #1 You Can't Snap Your Fingers and Change Your Life

How often have you thought to yourself today's the day that I'm going to do XYZ but then not done what you set out to do and said ok, I'll start tomorrow, with tomorrow turning into next week or next month. The problem is not your attitude but your approach – You can't wake up one morning, snap your fingers, and change your life instantly!

To make lasting changes you need to pay attention to the small decisions you make each and every day. Just like the tortoise and hare, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to improving yourself and your life, something we often overlook in today's fast paced world where quick-fix immediate results are often preferred despite this being an unhealthy and unsustainable way forward. By applying the Compound Effect you can build up momentum, create a plan, and slowly but steadily change bad habits for good ones so that you push past your limits and reach your goals.

Takeaway #2 The Keys to Consistent Success

A clear goal coupled with the right motivation and the right daily decisions leads to success so write down all the behaviors, attributes, and characteristics you need in order to reach your goals and start applying them. This is where you start switching bad habits for good ones, so whilst you're defining your goal also write down your bad habits and how you can change them.

Always remember that you are responsible for your actions, it's you that makes the tiny decisions that get you closer or further away from your goal. Creating a routine will help you reach the most powerful driving force - the big momentum or 'Big Mo' that ensures you fall into a natural, consistent, rhythm and become unstoppable in reaching your goal but a routine will only fall into place when you have a sustainable plan of action.

You have to be realistic in what you can achieve day after day – You might be able to go to the gym for an hour every morning followed by 2 hours swimming every night for a week but can you sustain it long term? Probably not. Remember that you're the tortoise not the hare so create a routine that you can ease into gently and actually sustain for weeks, months, and even years.

It can be easy to stray away from your goals due to temptations and situations so you need to eliminate them as much as possible – This might mean letting people know you're not available between 8pm-9pm, sorting out childcare, setting up your in-home office, not letting sugary snacks enter your home, turning off the TV and/or your phone, or even replacing some negative friends with positive ones!

Takeaway #3 Break Through Barriers

Don't let obstacles and personal limits derail you, you've got to push past your comfort zone in order to succeed! So embrace those challenges using the techniques you've learned and break through those barriers, it may be uncomfortable but it's the only way to leave the 'old you' behind and come out the other side stronger and more successful.

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