4 Key Takeaways From The ONE Thing

“The One Thing” is a much needed reminded in today’s multi tasked world that the overlooked essential ingredient to success is the ability to stay focused when chasing your dreams. Successful people are not distracted. They do not let anything stand in their way of achieving their goals. This book provides a bullet proof plan to help those struggling to follow through to tune out all of the noise.

My key Takeaways from “The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results" by Gary Keller

Takeaway #1 Ask Yourself This One Focusing Question To Live a Life of Purpose

Being overwhelmed stops most of us in our tracks, there are so many things we need and want to do – Where do we start? Most people have heard the quote about eating an elephant 1 bite at a time but to do that you first have to decide which bite to take first! Multitasking is not the answer. The author's of this book advise you to ask the following focusing question:

What's the ONE thing I can do, such that by doing it everything else will become easier or unnecessary?

The question has 2 levels. On a macro level the question helps you to identify your overall goal. On a short-term level it provides you with prioritized focus on the immediate action you need to take which leads to momentum and progress. Keep asking the question every day, visualize the next steps, complete them, and you'll start to achieve extraordinary things.

Takeaway #2 Form Habits One At a Time to Become Disciplined

To achieve your goals you need to create good habits, but again, this can be overwhelming. Discipline yourself to start with one habit, master it so that it becomes automatic, and then introduce other good habits one at a time, you're less likely to 'drop all the balls' this way.

Takeaway #3 Your Willpower Isn't Limitless – Recognize This & Harness It

With every decision you make, emotion you suppress, and behavior you modify your willpower becomes a little more depleted until it has been completely drained. This is why we often slip back into our old ways and indulge in guilty pleasures. Make the most of your day and harness your willpower by making key decisions and working on your priorities first thing in the day when your willpower is at its highest.

Takeaway #4 You Can't Pause Life – Accept The Chaos Whilst You Focus

When you've identified your goal and you're working towards it, one step at a time, you're going to find yourself distracted by other things going on in life. Whilst it's vital to manage your time and say no to people and tasks that are not important it's not possible or practical to completely pause life – Unexpected things come up all the time and your work/life balance should not be sacrificed long term in order to reach your goal i.e don't say no to your friends so many times that you end up losing them and don't miss out on seeing your kids grow up because you were striving for a promotion at work.

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