Tony Robbins Weekend

This year, I celebrated my birthday by spending a very long weekend in Sydney. The real excuse was a half-marathon event, but I had also registered for a seminar with Anthony Robbins, who had come to Sydney for his last Australian appearance.

I usually don’t like these big-crowd-type of events, but decided to go anyway to get out of my comfort zone and to see what all the fuss was all about.


It was a beautiful sun-filled morning when I arrived, so I sat close to the exit, in case I felt like escaping for a lazy, sun-baking day outside.

An old lady was sitting near me, jumping in her chair, clapping and singing. I remember wondering if I was going to survive even 10 minutes there. The friend I was staying with lived within walking distance of Mosman Bay, an amazing Sydney beach suburb, so in my head I was already on the way out.

How Fully Do You Live?



What can I say, I not only survived those 10 minutes; I actually spent the whole 4 days with Anthony Robbins and 4,000 of his fans.

I met beautiful people, I laughed, I cried, I hugged, I walked on burning hot coals, I danced from my heart and, more than anything, I came back to Melbourne with unbelievable amounts of energy.

I had imagined a tiring, but rewarding event and instead, I got a deep, inward experience, looking deeper into my own being and committing to step up.

Live your dreams!

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